PRESS STATEMENT: MC Timmy Speaks Out About The lack of diversity On British TV

PRESS STATEMENT: MC Timmy Speaks Out About The lack of diversity On British TV

On the 20th January 2014 The Minister of Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, Ed Vaizey, held a special meeting to address the following issue: The lack of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people (BAME) working in television and the media.

In line with this meeting Lenny Henry started a campaign called “Roadmap for Change”, encouraging the general public to petition for greater inclusivity of ethnic minorities on our screens. With many British actors leaving the UK shores to find success stateside it is an issue that MC Timmy has seen throughout his career as a TV show presenter and entertainer.
The issue of diversity on British TV is a double edged sword, says MC Timmy AKA Tim Odofin. On the one hand The British Media can be accused of being too middle class or too white, but on the other hand the number of black or Asian people seen on TV (and the depiction seen of) can often be in the form of positive discrimination or tokenism.

Looking across the mainstream channels TV programmes definitely do not reflect the numerous cultures that now blend into making the British landscape, which has completely changed over the past 20 years.

Using a TV show like Eastenders as an example, the one Black or Asian family seen often portrays a lifestyle that is completely alien to those they are meant to be representing. On occasion they are often viewed as an embarrassment by their ethnic community.

A new channel called London Live launched in March 2014 and this is meant to be a channel for London, by Londoners so therefore many of the people on the channel are of an ethnic minority background. It may take some time to gain the kinds of ratings that its mainstream counterparts achieve but is making a good effort to appeal to the masses. British TV has a long way to go to ensure that its population is fairly represented on our screens.

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