Past Life Regression Therapist Dr. Trupti Jayin Visits London

Past Life Regression Therapist Dr. Trupti Jayin Visits London

Mumbai, December 15, 2010: After creating a revolution and captivating audiences across the United Kingdom with Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka, Imagine Dil Se was flooded with emails and huge requests to bring past life regression therapist Dr. Trupti Jayin to the U.K.

For those who still have an unexplained fear, moments of déjà-vu or that recurring dream which haunts them, Dr. Trupti Jayin was there to put their curious minds at rest by answering all their questions through a conscious meditative technique called Past Life Regression (PLR).

During her brief trip to the UK, she conducted group meditation workshops and regression sessions at DB Media Studios in Wembley for the viewers of Imagine Dil Se who had registered themselves for this experience. The sessions were a huge success and were attended in large numbers by her fans.

She also laid emphasis on karma during these sessions, basing it on the premise that good deeds done in the past reflect in future and that events from the past lives influence current life. In her show she attempts to address present life fears and phobias by revisiting past life using the technique of Past Life Regression.

Commenting on the same Dr. Trupti Jayin says, “I am overwhelmed with the response that Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka has received in the UK. I am eager to share my experiences doing the show on Imagine Dil Se. I would like to take some through the wonderful and amazing journeys of their past life under my guidance and make these workshops a memorable experience of their lives.”

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