Passion Islam magazine launched

Passion Islam magazine launched

A twist of flare and a piece of originality and keeping the faith, Passion Islam is a new upbeat publication aimed at Muslims across the UK

The magazine has a different approach and its readership is mainly young Muslims within the Islamic establishments as The Editor of the Magazine Shakir explained “Passion Islam is not a business idea it’s giving something back to the Muslim community, we hope to educate, inform and deliver the right message of Islam through using the original source of the Quran and the Sunnah, our aim of the magazine is not to deliver and distribute through the mainstream outlets, our readership is through Islamic establishments”

“We will make mistakes through time as we are only human, its how we learn from the mistakes and we all work together is the key, it’s not about us and them its about all of us working together and understanding each other and only then we can truly find peace”

The magazine has an impressive readership of 62,000 which is widely read and respected and is a voice to many young Muslims from different backgrounds whether they are students or working or taking time out.

Passion Islam is also a Media, PR and Consultancy group who helps Islamic establishments in how best to interact with the media and be a first point of contact for TV and Press media, Shakir explained “The Media, PR and Consultancy side of the group is very important, we have worked closely with ITN News as well as other news media to make sure that the message they are sending out is the right message, we try to link the media with right people from the Muslim community who are the real voice of our community so the message is never misunderstood, we also help young Muslims showcase their talent by promoting the good work they are doing”

With a fresh outlook and many of the next generation Muslims contributing to the magazine it’s truly to become the real voice for young Muslims.

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