Panjab Radio is celebrating their 7th year in radio broadcasting on Sunday 2nd September 2007 at their studios in Hayes.

The day will begin at 10am with Sukhmani Sahib Ji Da Path (religious hymn from the Sikh Holy book) recited by Sikh Priests followed by Shabad Kirtan (hymns) and then a selection of Tharmik Geet (religious songs) performed by popular Panjabi singers from India.
It is an all day event and will serve food through Guru Ka Langar (free vegetarian food for all).
Thousands are expected to turn up, with previous events attracting over 8,000 people.
Managing Director, Surjit Singh Ghuman says ‘Celebrating our birthday in signature Panjab Radio style is what we are known for. I honestly don’t think any other radio station provides for the community like we do and this is what Panjab Radio is about’
The afternoon schedule consists of well known singers performing religious songs for the audience. All of the singers are flying in from Panjab, India specifically for this event. Staff member Ricky quotes ‘Keeping a mix of cultural singers in a religious environment caters to all of our listeners, we wanted to appeal to both our older listeners and the youth, by getting famous artists to perform live adds the extra sparkle to the event’
Panjab Radio is a medium through which thousands of the world’s Panjabi community, home and away, can express their views and opinions, whilst keeping in touch with their culture and roots. Panjab Radio can be heard on Sky Channel 0130, DAB Radio in Greater London and West Yorkshire and Live Stream on

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