Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2014 joins hands with Cambridge University

Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2014 joins hands with Cambridge University

Yet another launch event was held for Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe 2014 but this time it was in one of the most prestigious institutions of the world – University of Cambrige. The Pakistan Society of Cambridge University showed their willingness and intent to promote this outstanding event and proudly announce their collaboration with PAA.

The event was hosted in the King’s College campus of the University. The PAA team was welcomed there by the PakSoc team. There were notable speakers from both sides who shared their thoughts with the rest of the people.

Ms. Eram Masood, one of the judges for this year’s Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe spoke about the efforts of Pakistanis over the years in United Kingdom. She went back to the old days when initially the Pakistanis came to work as laborers and textile workers and how they eventually worked hard to be in the top positions and make a name for themselves. She further explained about the culture and taste what the Pakistanis have brought in this country with the example of Green Street (a street in East London famous for Pakistani cuisine, fashion wear and cultural events). Ms Erum also talked about the immense contribution of the Pakistani media in the UK. She then thanked Mr. A-Haq, the Chairman of PAA for introducing a great platform to recognize the services of the people for their beloved country Pakistan.
Mr. Afzal Akram, who is a member of the Board of Advisory for PAA also talked about the accomplishments of Pakistanis in the UK. He himself has been a counsellor for 8 years in this country. He emphasized on promoting the things which can create a better image of Pakistan around the world and applauded the efforts of Mr. A Haq for the work he is doing to help this cause. Furthermore, he explained how the young generation should be paired with the professionals to develop them through mentorship as they will be the flag carriers of the country in the years to come. He said, the good thing about these awards is that we keep on seeing new names coming up every year that have excelled in their respective fields. He then thanked the Pak Society of the Cambridge University for providing PAA the platform and being a part of it officially.

The representative of the Cambridge Pak Society Mr. Shayan Ali finally thanked the PAA team for giving them the opportunity to be a part of the event. He said that the Pak Society will encourage the people to nominate deserving people in different categories. He also encouraged the efforts of Mr. A Haq and his team for putting up such a great event which is portraying a positive image of Pakistan in the society. There was a cake cutting ceremony at the end which concluded the event.

Region: All
Start Date: 29/08/2014
End Date: 29/08/2014
Start Time: 19:00 to 20:30
Venue: King’s College, Cambridge University
Celebs Attending: Eram Masood, Afzal Akram, Fahad Aslam, Atta ul Haq, Qaiser Quershi, Atif Gujjar, Kamran Ch, Shayan Ali
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