Ogunte founder Servane Mouazan meets Rhoda Wilson

Ogunte founder Servane Mouazan meets Rhoda Wilson

“Inspiring you to aspire to life” is more than just a tag line for Rhoda Wilson – it holds true in every aspect of her show and life. Rhoda is more than just a television presenter, seeking fame and fortune in the midst of a media savvy world but is a deeply social conscious individual who strives to make an impact through her work.

With this in mind it was with great pleasure that Rhoda was able to meet Servane Mouazan, founder of the internationally esteemed company Ogunte. Ogunte is a social innovation and leadership development company which harnesses women’s skills to put them at the forefront of the social economy. Its core mission is to facilitate women’s vision and actions for a fairer world.

Servane, founder and director of Oguntê and the Global Tribal Network, is a resourceful and energetic Social Entrepreneur with great experience in the social economy and creative industries in Europe and South America. Working across cultures and sectors, she is committed to supporting individuals, especially female social entrepreneurs and innovators, and established organisations interested in sustainable development, with ground-breaking and mind-stretching social innovations coaching and strategic networking programmes.

On the show Rhoda and Servance talk about the importance of social enterprise in a world where doing business purely for financial gain is losing significance. Business people, particularly business women want more and strive to do more in their communities.

During Global Enterprise Week, join Servane at a special Women in Social Leadership Award Winners event, by Ogunte Global Tribal Network19th of November 2009- Special Social Enterprise Day – 18.00 – 20.00, FreeMeet and hear from past and present winners of the Women in Social Leadership Awards. Come along if you’re starting an ethical enterprise and looking for inspiration and advice.
Watch this intriguing interview on Friday October 9th at 10pm, Sky Channel 184 BEN TV.

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