Nubian Ski on The Rhoda Wilson Show

Nubian Ski on The Rhoda Wilson Show

Skiing has often been associated with social groups based on class and more often than not race. An exclusive sport enjoyed in the snow capped mountains of the western world by elite subcultures. Nubian Ski is an organisation that strives to break down the stereotypes of skiing and the perception that it is only enjoyed by Europeans. Rhoda Wilson interviews W. Livingston Gilchrist & Elaine Robertson of The Nubian Ski collective; discussing the changing dynamic of Afro-Caribbean travel & leisure in modern times.

Nubian Ski is a Non-profit Afro-Caribbean ski club based in London with over 300 members across Europe. Their aim is to increase and extend the reach of affordable skiing holidays to the Afro-Caribbean community thus increasing the network capabilities of the Afro-Caribbean community as a whole. So whether you’re an extreme skier, a complete novice or you simply want to have fun on the slopes Nubian Ski has something to offer everyone regardless of age or ability

The Nubian Ski club was the brainchild of four ski enthusiasts who decided after skiing in Europe for a few years to venture out, and seek out the many ski resorts on offer in North America. By the second trip, a handful of similar minded people shared their vision and aspirations that would in years to come propel the interest of black skiers across the U.K to newer heights.
A team of six eager skiers and boarders orchestrate the events of the Nubian Ski Club, which comprise of Family fun days, Ski group parties and of course skiing. All of whom share the same idea, vision and drive, where our primary objective or aim is to provide affordable group ski holidays for the Afro- Caribbean community, hence fostering and promoting the benefits of community and networking amongst the Afro-Caribbean community. In 2010 the Nubian Ski organisation led by Robert Fearon, Elaine Robertson, Yvonne McKenley, Gilchrist Livingston and the group president Paul Skelly will take members of its loyal membership to Lake Tahoe in California and the beautiful island of Hawaii. With yet another well attended and successful holiday launch under its belt Nubian Ski anticipate really strong attendance figures despite the doom and gloom often presented by the tabloid media.

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