November issue of Lucid Magazine now online

November issue of Lucid Magazine now online

The new issue of Lucid Magazine is now online. In this edition, we comtemplate Religion Today. Read about Humanism, The Invisible Muslim and the lives of three very different believers in our faith-themed feature.

Dust storms, flash floods and bush fires. Is it the end of the world as we know it? Sylvia Arthur asks if recent climate extremes signal the beginning of the end.

Paul Knipe visits Mongolia and finds tradition and modernity amid the wilderness in a country that’s embracing the Western world after decades of communist rule.

While the mainstream media wonder what to do about declining newspaper sales and the internet, there’s a revolution going on elsewhere which they’d do well to join. James Willsher looks at a new frontier for news and advertising.

Athena Kugblenu investigates what we’ve got to look forward to if David Cameron maintains his momentum.

Stephen Maughan travels to Romania and discovers that, although there are positives, more still needs to be done to improve child care.

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Afrikids, Lucid’s gracious hosts in Ghana, are holding their annual pub quiz on Tuesday 15th December. Why not get together with a group of friends and have fun while raising funds for charity?

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