My Asian Wedding Magazine OUT NOW

My Asian Wedding Magazine OUT NOW

New Asian Bridal Magazine launches this month
This month see’s the national launch of a fresh, new and exciting Asian Bridal Magazine, ‘My Asian Wedding Magazine’. Based in Birmingham ‘My Asian Wedding Magazine’ begins its launch this week across the whole of the UK and it is totally FREE to pick up.

So okay, you’re immediately thinking why is this magazine any different from other Asian Bridal Magazine out there? Well, ‘My Asian Wedding Magazine’ focuses on what the British Asian bride wants to read and know. It doesn’t just focus on hundreds of pages of pretty outfits and fashion: it focuses on the all the necessities needed for a wedding! And did we mention it’s not heavily priced like other Asian bridal magazines and the first issue is FREE?

The added benefit of ‘My Asian Wedding Magazine’ is that it is two magazines in one! As you flip the magazine to find the back cover, what you in fact find is another front cover, ‘My Asian Venues Magazine’, a whole magazine dedicated to Asian Wedding Venues in the UK and abroad.

Asian Weddings are a multi million pound business these days where Brides and Grooms have specific ideas about how they want to make their big day perfect but after researching within the Asian community and asking them if they felt the current magazines fulfilled what they needed to know, their answer was simply, “No”. Therefore make way for ‘My Asian Wedding Magazine’.

‘My Asian Wedding Magazine’ is a high quality, glossy magazine that will be out seasonally four times a year. It features the very best of what is needed to make any Asian wedding perfect, however big or small the budget.

CEO Manny Sandhu, “I wanted to publish ‘My Asian Wedding Magazine’ after it came to my realisation that the current Asian Bridal Magazines out there weren’t really giving Asian brides what they wanted. They focused so heavily on fashion that they seemed to have forgotten what else is involved in a wedding. I feel we have tapped into all elements of an Asian Wedding with ‘My Asian Wedding Magazine’. I think people are really going to be surprised by it and like it.”

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