Little Miss Jocelyn (BBC3)

Beware viewers as Jocelyn Jee Esien one third of the hugely successful series ‘3 Non-Blondes’ crashes back onto the screen with her wickedly naughty, anarchic and laugh out loud antics in Little Miss Jocelyn.

Featuring a huge mix of sketches featuring over 50 different characters including; the first black female US president, an upfront toilet attendant, a woman with worms, a girl who drives her friends insane forgetting what she was going to say and a Nigerian wife who collects husbands and needs constant marriage counselling.

Add in a sprinkle of hidden camera stunts and the odd hapless celebrity and Little Miss Jocelyn is guaranteed to give a firm boot up the arse to the mundane and bring a big laugh to even the most sedate viewer.

A thirty something, high achieving city worker, who specialises in accounts.
She is currently single and always dates men of “Caucasian Heritage”. Fiona prefers to surround herself with white people, so lives alone in Docklands.
She is the “Office Joker” and has been nick named “Fun time Fiona”. But this all changes whenever another black person enters her work environment, as she believes that if her colleges see them together her cover will be blown, because she thinks that she has got to where she is because no one knows she’s black.

An older Jamaican woman in her late 40s, but who is actually stuck in the 70s, which was when she got married.
Her husband Linton has just left her for a younger woman. Because of this she hates men, happy women, kids, pets and anything that moves. She has a mouth like a sewer.
Gladys lives alone and doesn’t have any children of her own, but for company, she visits her ex sister in-law and kids. She has recently been barred from visiting her ex sister in-law and kids.

A loud, 12 year old girl who thinks that she and her ever increasing “crew” own the back of the top deck of the bus. Her aim is to annoy as many passengers as possible.
She aspires to be a singer, dancer, rapper, actor, presenter, fashion designer, hair dresser, nurse, president of Hackney. . . . . . . . . . . .
Sharonisha is the so called “intelligent” one of her crew and even though she is in your face, she’s actually really scared and quite sweet. But don’t tell her that.

A fat and older Nigerian man in his late 60s. He is a Driving Instructor and works at The Nigerian School Of Motoring. He treats his students like naughty children and teaches them what he has learnt driving in Nigeria, which mainly consists of not indicating and shouting obscenities out the window. He has no licence.
At night he is a mini cab driver. These are just two of his jobs (nudge nudge wink wink). His best friend is Malcolm the Chechen. Sometimes they just drive around all day.

A Traffic Warden in her mid-late 30s. She is actually originally from Nigeria but classes herself as British Upper class and a member of the Aristocracy.
She is over educated [She attended university and then went on to teach herself everything and anything]. This is why she sometimes gets her words confused.
She is married with two kids.
Jiffy is not sadistic, but enjoys talking to her victims because she enjoys playing with words.

Written by and starring Jocelyn Jee Esien , Produced by Jemma Rodgers (The League of Gentlemen), Directed by Gareth Carrivick (The Smoking Room) , Executive Producers and Gary Reich (3 Non Blondes) and Geoff Posner (Victoria Wood, Little Britain)

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