Kreepy. Kooky. Spooky. Ooky.

Kreepy. Kooky. Spooky. Ooky.

Stars from hit soap Hollyoaks have taken on presenters from the BBC Asian Network in a battle for gruesome glory.

Revealing themselves as never seen before, actors from the Channel 4 show and the BBC radio station have been transformed into movie monsters for a specially commissioned Halloween photo-shoot for Ikonz magazine.

As part of the horror-themed feature, cast members from Hollyoaks have been pitched against presenters from the BBC Asian Network to see which of the celebrity teams can pull-off the most ghastly and gruesome recreations of classic horror film characters.

The celebrity special features popular Hollyoaks stars Kevin Sacre and Sam Darbyshire as infected zombies from 28 Days Later, BBC Asian Network presenters Sonny Ji and Dipps Bhamrah as Dracula and Frankenstein and BBC disc-jockey Noreen Khan and Hollyoaks hearthrob Ricky Whittle in the guises of a Wicca Goth-Chick and Satan respectively. Also thrown into the mix are Ikonz editors Reena Combo as a Vampiress and Adam Yosef as The Crow.

The feature is presented as a 9-page special, in the Halloween issue of Ikonz magazine, out on stands on October 9th. The souvenir edition features a special double cover.

Ikonz editor Reena Combo, who herself adopted an eerie alter ego for the photo special, said:

“It was great working with the BBC Asian Network presenters, and a perfect opportunity to see them out of their normal routine. Dipps, Sonny and Noreen make great spooks and the shoot brought out a completely different side to them. For many, it will not only be an opportunity to put a face to popular voices but one that will keep you awake for weeks!”

“The Hollyoaks boys were great fun to work with. They thoroughly seemed to revel in the fact that the shoot was so different to their daily routine, especially when it came to make-up. It was very difficult to part Kevin from those eerie contact lenses, he was in love with them. As for Ricky Whittle, he chased and smothered a few of us girls with the make-up on his face but then… we weren’t complaining – he really is a horny little devil!”

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