KEMET community radio Sunday night ‘Talkback show’ on the impact of ‘DRE’ the million pound mental health race equality programme

KEMET community radio Sunday night

The impact of the Government’s million pound Delivering Race Equality (DRE) programme, launched to address the institutional racism within mental health services, will be the subject of discussion on KEMET Radio 97.5 FM Talkback Show this Sunday 14th June from 10.00 – 11.00pm.

Hosted by presenters Dr Kevin Brown and Matthew Gale this weekend’s show can be heard live by tuning into 97.5 KEMET FM (Nottingham).

The only licensed community radio station in the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire area, KEMET’s Talkback Show is one of the few forums that offers African Caribbean communities an opportunity can debate the issues that impact on the lives of ethnic minorities living in this region.

Presenters, Brown and Gale will be discussing the news that have hit the headlines this week, as well as speaking to this Sunday’s guest Matilda MacAttram director of Black Mental Health UK about the DRE programme.

MacAttram will be sharing her insights on the five year programme and why it is important for this million pound scheme makes a positive change in the treatment and care of black people who come into contact with mental health services.

Listeners will hear how the driving force behind the million pound initiative came with the publication of the David Bennett Inquiry Report into the tragic death of an African Caribbean patient, who lost his life after he was restrained by a team of five nurses for almost half an hour.

Widely considered to by the Stephen Lawrence of the mental health world, Bennett’s experience and the subsequent Inquiry Report gave national attention to the widespread discrimination faced by ethiniic minorities within mental health services.

In response to the recommendations in the Bennett report the DRE programme was launched in January 2005 with a mandate to reduce the number of black people detained under the Mental Health Act and ensure this group begin to get access to talking therapies rather than high doses of antipsychotic medicine which is currently the norm.

Sunday’s show will also look at how closure of the National Institute for Mental Health in England, Heatlhcare Commission and Mental Health Act commission will impact on the monitoring of treatment of those in mental healthcare.

‘The winding down of three major government agencies responsible for monitoring or providing mental health care has fundamentally changed the way policy is implemented and monitored in this part of the NHS.

The Healthcare Commission, the Mental Health Act Commission and National Institute for Mental Health in England have all been replaced by new agencies. There is a danger that the DRE legacy could easily get lost as the new organizations focus on establishing themselves.

The experience of David Bennett, speaks for so many others whose stories have not made the headlines, which makes this an issue that is far too important to be sidelined,’ Matilda MacAttram, director of Black Mental Health UK said.

Tune into KEMET Radio 97.5FM Talkback show on Sunday 14 June from 10.00 – 11.00 to learn more about DRE and the legacy

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