Kaybee Pictures launches new film Sambar Salsa

Kaybee Pictures launches new film Sambar Salsa

Kaybee Pictures is delighted to celebrate the launch of Sambar Salsa. As you might already know, Sambar Salsa cuts across the fusion film genre, addressing core family values in multicultural Britain. Tonight however, Kaybee also celebrates the launch of its film distribution wing, along with the release of this film. This is quite an achievement for this pioneering leader of British Asian cinema, it being only five years since it was set up as an independent studio, developing, producing and managing film production.

The meteoric success of Kaybee can be attributed to the innovative operating style and progressive ideology advocated by its managing director, Renu Patel, who set it up with a vision to promote multicultural values in the United Kingdom. Kaybee Pictures utilizes the reservoir of talent both in India and the UK, showcasing the talent and experience of Bollywood while offering novice actors an opportunity to prosper on a world stage. With productions based on family themes, contrasting and combining cultural values, and comic situations, their films are accessible to audiences across the globe.

Sambar Salsa is the tale of a possessive South Indian mother faced with the prospective of a Spanish daughter-in-law and the lengths the two women go to keep the man in their life.

Veteran Bollywood Actor Rishi Kapoor plays Om Suri, the father trying to keep peace in his family, while television actress Preyanka plays the stellar role of the South Indian mother opposing everyone on all sides. Roberta Caocci plays the spirited Spanish girl, and caught in the cross-fire is Surya Suri, a role essayed by newcomer Ateesh Randev.

The ensuing family drama has been turned into highly entertaining cinema that is sure to keep audiences amused and intrigued through out. Sambar Salsa could well give new meaning to fine dining!

Kaybee Pictures is currently in development of a full British feature, ‘Fall!’ with seasoned English Actors and veteran industry professionals. This project has seen Kaybee Pictures collaborate with two other British Companies, DG Productions and Three way Films. With this innovative outlook, along with the capacity to adapt to and even thrive on change, Kaybee Pictures is bound to keep us gripped to the cinema seats for some time.

Region: All
Start Date: 18/09/2007
End Date:
Start Time: 19:00
Venue: Tiffin Bites, St. Pauls
Celebs Attending: Renu Patel, Ateesh Randev, Taz
Website: http://www.kaybeepictures.co.uk
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