Islam Channel Urdu launches at the start of Ramadhan

As Muslims across the world participate in the month of Ramadhan, a brand new British Urdu-language television channel has launched. Islam Channel Urdu brings viewers a fresh approach to Islam-oriented television, encouraging critical thinking and addressing current issues faced by the Urdu-speaking community. Whether it is business and enterprise, immigration or new counter-terror laws, the Channel aims to help viewers better understand the topics that matter. Islam Channel Urdu will enable Urdu speaking Muslims to engage fully with the complexity of issues facing Muslims around the world.

The Channel has come about from demand from the wider Urdu speaking community to provide engaging and informative content which reflects the ever-growing and diverse cultural backgrounds. It seeks to truly represent the experiences of the global community. Islam Channel Urdu programming content includes current affairs, lifestyle, entertainment, documentaries along with religious programming with lectures from world renowned scholars who carefully go through various aspects of Islamic life and explaining the stories at the heart of Islam.

In what is considered the most blessed month by Muslims, programmes such as Roza Aur Sehat will bring discussions on the modern scientific research on fasting. There will also be a number of unique in-house produced series such such as Achi Sehat, Hum Laug and Haqeeqat. Today, the UK is home to the largest Urdu speaking community in Europe, with a population exceeding 1.17 million. It’s estimated that this figure is set to more than double in the next 15 years. “We have reached yet another milestone as we launch Islam Channel Urdu in providing an essential platform for the Urdu speaking community. Islam Channel Urdu seeks to set itself from the common arenas of Urdu language channels and instead provide a much needed platform for considered thought and reasoned discussion. Above all it seeks to use Islam as a guiding light for quality family orientated channel “said Mohamed Ali, CEO, Islam Channel Urdu. Broadcasting from the heart of London, Islam Channel Urdu aims to join EMG’s established, long-standing and family-oriented network which includes Islam Channel, the popular international television station which airs in English.
Notes to editors:
Islam Channel Urdu is available free-to-air on Sky Channel 851. Islam Channel Urdu is part of the Ethical Media Group which also includes Islam Channel.
A launch dinner will be held on Saturday 25th July in Central London. To attend, and for all media enquiries and interviews please contact Sourayya Caillibot or phone 0207 374 4511 ext 275.
Attached is the logo for Islam Channel Urdu