Interactive Tv Channel prepares for its worldwide launch

Interactive Tv Channel prepares for its worldwide launch

The need for a true internet Entertainment TV Station has been ignored for far too long…..

The need for a true internet Entertainment TV Station has been ignored for far too long…..

Under the umbrella of Asian Media Corporation, Asian Media corp. is launching “2468.TV”. A true interactive internet based family entertainment TV station with over 10 channels, which is going to be launched across the world wide net. The channel will offer a wide bouquet of informative, services and entertaining programs and will touch upon all aspects of south Asians life and culture. This will be the world’s first Family internet Entertainment Channel catering for the Asians of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Asians living outside these countries.

The South Asian language and culture is full of colour and life. It is time to give the South Asians of the world an International Platform so that we can show the whole world what South Asians of India have to offer: Family Values, Culture, Music, Comedy, History, Religion, news and much more.

South Asia and its people have so much to offer but no means of doing so. We feel that enough is enough as Tv Channels have gone more down the commercialised route and are not really performing as a Channel for the South Asians of the world, and to do what no other South Asian Channel has done before, we will unite South Asians under one umbrella.

2468.TV wants to go back to our roots and give to the Public what they want, and what they have been missing- a Channel where they can sit with all the Family Members and watch a programme which is pleasing to all. With the passage of time and modernization, the younger generations of South Asian are denying this very fact. We, at Asian Media Corp intend to bring back what our ancestors started. 2468.Tv will be a platform for South Asians across the world to raise their concerns and put right the image of South Asians. We should always remember that we are South Asian by Heart and Soul, which is a God given gift. It is 2468.TV’s objective to bring back the family values for our next generation which our ancestors passed onto us and let us never forget how they struggled and fought to keep their values and identity intact.

2468.TV will be kick starting its early launch from 30th September 2007. when it opens itself on the internet, with a vast collection of over 3000 videos that YOU control and watch when you want. 2468.Tv is supported by various media organisations worldwide, and hopes to attract over 150,000 viewers per day and work itself to the 500,000 viewers per day mark by its 1st birthday.

2468.Tv has already been commented upon by Google inc, USA…This is what they said;

“2468.Tv will be the worlds second largest Video viewing site…the first being youtube, however 2468.Tv will be the WORLDS BIGGEST controlled video website, as they do not allow the public to upload video content to the site. And yet all the content is for South Asians…” Google Inc – Aug 2007

Pass this email on to friends, colleagues, relatives as well as mums & dads! After all 2468.Tv is for all the family and is totally Free!!

Event organisers Please add our logo to any forthcoming marketing material, Any media representatives wishing to do a write up in your paper/magazine please email us for further information.

Don’t forget 30th September 2007 (GMT)


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