Indian President’s message to BBC World Service audiences

Indian President

Indian President’s message to BBC World Service audiences

The President of India, APJ Abdul Kalam, has called on BBC’s global audience to engage with his vision of citizenship. Speaking in a special edition of the BBC World Service Discovery programme, to be broadcast on 7 February, he proposed a model for the evolution of enlightened citizens of the world – in order to achieve global peace and prosperity.

President APJ Abdul Kalam was interviewed by Discovery presenter Geoff Watts for a special edition of the programme which forms part of the BBC World Service season of programmes on India, India Rising.

The President, a scientist and the architect of India’s missile programme, said: “I have an idea for evolving an enlightened society that will lead to a peaceful, prosperous and happy planet Earth. Today there is a big question mark. I have given considerable thought to it.

“It is, indeed, a doctrine of science, philosophy and education. It’s a three-dimensional approach involving education with value system; religion transformed to spirituality and, most importantly, the economic development for societal transformation of all the nations.”

President APJ Abdul Kalam added that an integrated global implementation of this three-dimensional approach will lead to a peaceful planet Earth. He invited BBC listeners to visit his website to learn about his proposed model and engage in discussion with him.

India Rising is a week-long season of programmes devoted to India. It runs on BBC World Service from Saturday 3 to Sunday 11 February 2007. Discovery’s contribution to the season includes and exploration of Indian science and science education, space programmes, astronomy and physics as well as pharmaceutics and biotechnology.

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