I was helping an endangered species (by killing one) Bollywood star Salman Khan tells the BBC Asian Network

Controversial Bollywood actor Salman Khan, a megastar in his native India blasted judges who sentenced him to a five year jail term for killing a rare black buck – claiming he was being made an example of.

Astonishingly, the heartthrob actor even claimed that he was actually highlighting the plight of the animal.

Commenting on the Gagan Grewal show on the BBC Asian Network Salman Khan said:

“They wanted to set an example out of me. But that’s good. Who knew the black buck? I mean today because of me, people know there’s an endangered species of deer called black buck, well it’s actually an antelope. People now also know that the birthrate of an antelope and a goat is the same.”

Mr Khan is no stranger to controversy but blames the media in India for his negative reputation.

“Well if they write good things about me, you’ll buy the magazine once, or twice, or you’ll buy it five or 10 times, after that – what? ‘He’s a great guy’. But when they have the different controversies, controversy after controversy( about me), you’ll think NOW what has he got himself into- so you’ll buy it only out of concern. And these guys(Indian media) exploit it.”

The controversial actor added that a section of the media wanted to write positive things about him but ‘they were powerless’.

“There’s a huge section of the press who’s for all that stuff, but they don’t have the power to put that on. And there’s a section section that wants to put everything negative in so that they can sell magazines or get good ratings on TV.”

However, Salman still maintains that he was innocent and said the judge sentenced him because according to the actor he wanted to make an example out of him.

He said, “Apparently the judge said that openly. They wanted to set an example out of me. But that’s good”
The star was in the UK to perform in a concert ‘Just Chill’ over the bank holiday weekend. This is the first time Salman has appeared on any media channel along with his girlfriend Katrina Kaif and brother Sohail Khan.

Katrina and Sohail, however, refused to comment on Salman’s case.

Salman also made it clear that this was his last one-to-one interview with any media and his future interviews would only be related to the promotion of his new movies.

He concluded the interview with a special message for today’s youths, “Lots and lots of love, and please, please stay out of trouble.

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