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FREE Global Online TV Portal is an independent online video platform that provides access to thousands of channels, from 180 countries in over 30 different languages. This global online TV portal is now even easier to use than before. Though content accessed via is vast and diverse; from news, sports and music to science and education, the new, large video interface allows users to search by genre, region or country, and now even by language. With so many channels to choose from, now allows their users to save their favourite channels to the ‘MyTV’ page once registering (it’s free!), meaning there’s no need to search every time they return to the site. is not only FREE and entertaining, but educational as well! Having recently partnered with the UK Government’s Department of Education, freely distributes over 3500 professional development and education videos (previously of Teachers TV*).

An engaging selection of live TV and videos, from mainstream broadcasters to independent studios are available to view on the site, and having recently partnered with a licensed movie library, they are in the midst of rolling out thousands of additional channels for their users to enjoy. allows independent producers, and broadcasting studios to add their streaming channels or videos alongside mainstream broadcasters.

After considerable testing, the new re-design has been optimised for performance and speed based on audience interaction and feedback. The slicker evolution of the previous interface now comes with a 30% increase of the video player, and reduced display advertising by 30%, keeping content and usability as the focus. Another added feature designed to provide a more efficient and simpler user experience is predictive search, extending the capability to predicting users’ searches as they start to type them whilst delivering faster search results. Once the user begins their search, a dropdown will appear offering selectable channel suggestions and even alternative channels, increasing the users’ likelihood of finding exactly what they want.

Being very active with social media promotion, has gained 55,000+ fans on Facebook this year alone! With another 18,000+ followers on Twitter and Myspace, users can choose which network they want to receive regular updates. gives back to the community. By hosting, streaming and endorsing local and global charities’ videos, they help drive new audiences to participate in charity work, raise awareness for their causes and valuable fundraising efforts.

The re-launch of sees the vast improvement of the platforms accessibility, speed, functionality and usability giving you, the user a wider choice of content and an all round more enjoyable experience.

As they claim on their site, there is definitely “something for everyone at!” Social Media Links:


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