Chronicle Ent – UK Asian Grime. Sensazn Magazine Issue 5

Chronicle Ent - UK Asian Grime. Sensazn Magazine Issue 5

The forefront of Asian Grime – Sensazn Magazine Issue 5 – FREE

Chronicle Ent headline the cover and main feature of Sensazn Magazine, issue 5. Chronicle Ent an underground grime collective from East London, have been on the scene for many years, helping push young talented artists and support likeminded individuals in achieving their goals in music. As well as being prominent on many mix tapes and DVDs, Chronicle Ent have worked with artists from across the board; therefore not boxing themselves in by only working with Asian artists.

Giggs, one of the UK’s freshest artists whose album sold out in HMV, talks to Sensazn about the past and what the future holds. Mike GLC the street entrepreneur for mix tapes also hits up Sensazn’s very own DJ Limelight, with the need for street teams and ‘self promotion’.

US Underground Rapper Access Immortal links up with Sensazn for an exclusive interview on the scene in America and how it’s moving.

Arjun, RKZ both British and moving within the Asian Circuit also speak to Sensazn exclusively regarding the struggles and many of the positives they’ve come across so far.

Sensazn celebrates the birthday of Guru Nanak with a dedicated page on what this day means to Sikhs and why it’s celebrated.

As always the very best in reviews from shows across the UK, Fashion designers, Movies and more.

Sensazn Magazine- Always supporting British Talent!

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