Brum to Bollywood!

Brum to Bollywood!

Born and bread in Birmingham, Kiren Jogi is a true Brummy at heart! She began acting professionally in the UK in 2004. Lured by the adventure of a crossover, the promise of a glamorous existence, and the thrill of fulfilling the big Bollywood dream – the worlds largest film industry, She abandoned life as she knew it and entered into unknown territory and has been working in Mumbai, India for the past two years now and has involved been in film, television, theatre, print media and TV commercials for Dove, 7up, Orbit Gum, Sony to name but a few.

She delivered a heart moving performance in the movie filmed in UK – ‘Veiled Existence’ which was screened at Cannes Film Festival 2008. Following this Kiren went on to make Bollywood her second home. She has been working in Mumbai, for the past 2 years, working on various projects in film, theatre and television, Kiren mentions – "it was a difficult move, a great struggle, but in time I grew to love the city, each time I come back to UK, a few weeks later I begin to miss the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps!"

Kiren landed her first role in Bollywood as a supporting artist in Aamir Khan’s ‘Ghajini’, a movie that went on to be the highest grosser ever in Bollywood. “The thrill of working with someone I have admired and adored since childhood was more then enough to lure me into signing the movie even though it was such a small role, I shot for around 20 days but in Bollywood, when something goes to the editing table be prepared to lose at least 20% of your on screen footage! I learnt a great deal during the movie, the industry teaches you to toughen up and mature because a lot of the time people are more interested in taking your for a ride then to help with your career! But I guess some how I was very lucky to have achieved what I have on my own back” The talented actress plays the supporting role of Karishma in the movie, after which she went on to working on the TV series Kya Aap Paanchvi Fail Champu Hain.

The curly haired actress has managed to snag a main role in the biggest production house in Mumbai ‘Yash Raj Films’ – Teleseries – ‘’ (which is currently being aired on Sony Entertainment Channel – Sky 782 and Virgin Media 806). Kiren plays Ruchika – Head marketing and public relations. She is the ultimate cosmopolitan women of today, who both professionally and personally ahead of the game. A beautiful, sexy, intelligent and glamorous character who can be witty and comical at the same time.

Yash Raj Films have also signed Kiren in their forthcoming Telefilm production – ‘Mahi Way’ where she plays the character named ‘Jasmine’ – a super model who is wooed an then engaged to be married by the male lead protagonist of the show, Ishan.

“In India, talent doesn’t count in most places; it’s what you look like and who you know. Some actors are lucky as they have godfathers or family members who are actors and they open the doors for them in the industry, I have only my talent! In UK, your CV, experience, and talent are the most important criteria, and then comes the look” – says Kiren.

Although she misses working on the stage in the UK, Kiren says: “I have definitely grown and matured as an actress and person since I’ve been in Mumbai. Mumbai introduced me to a part of myself I was unaware of. I feel I am stronger and more emotional now.”

Things are really rocketing for Kiren, currently she is jetting back to the UK to shoot a British film called ‘Justin’s Gene’s’ where she’ll play the lead role of Kamini, the film delves into racism and genetics, the filming is seclude to start in March 2010 Directed by Chaand Chazelle and Produced by (CVS Films). Kiren mentions – "I’ve been looking forward to this project for such a long time, Working with some great actors I’ve grown up watching like Rani Moorthy, I admired her greatly in Curry Tales! “I cant wait to be back in the UK with family, friends, fish and chips and of course the rain! Great! I just Can’t Wait!”

This 26 year old British Asian female actor is a success story and she is living her dream, many have tried and failed breaking into Bolywood and many will be on this path in the near further. Kiren will be in UK and available for interviews, photocall and chat shows to share her story from 24th March 2010.

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