BBC launches major advertising push in Spanish

BBC launches major advertising push in Spanish

‘BBC Mundo: Your World, Your News’ – an interactive online campaign.

The BBC, the world’s largest international multimedia broadcaster, launches a new interactive advertising campaign to promote its Spanish language online site in Latin American and US Hispanic markets. The countries included in the campaign are: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, the USA, Uruguay and Venezuela.

BBC Mundo: Your World, Your News promotes the Spanish language site to millions of news seekers through key news sites, portals and messenger services. Initially appearing on MSN Instant Messenger, the online campaign will expand across a wide range of popular news and information including Yahoo!, New York Times and Hotmail in October.

Creatively designed and delivered by the London-based digital marketing specialist, Agency Republic, the campaign runs for three months. It aims to reinforce awareness of amongst Spanish-speaking news seekers and position as a contemporary news and information provider in Spanish. The campaign promotes the site as a daily source for up-to-date headlines around the world and is targeting people with a modern outlook who use the internet as part of their daily lives and are unlikely to have had any previous experience of

Julia Zapata, Head of the BBC’s Spanish American Service, described the campaign as an exciting opportunity: “ already attracts over 2 million unique users a month and around 15 million page impressions, but we know from research and personal experience that there is an opportunity to attract new audiences.

“Online is playing an increasingly important role in people’s lives. They want to feel connected to the wider world, keep in touch and even comment on events which shape their lives and perhaps follow the news in countries they have an emotional attachment to but don’t live in. delivers this service and more, and through BBC Mundo: Your World, Your News we expect to introduce millions to our lively online offer.”

Description of the campaign

BBC Mundo: Your World, Your News uses an interactive globe surrounded by live headlines direct from Users can click on the headlines to see a summary of the story or click on the banner to be taken straight through from the advertising to the site.

In addition to assorted advertising banners on a range of popular news and information sites, the BBC campaign has negotiated a special deal with MSN:

Those who use MSN Instant Messenger Service will be able to view the headlines through the ad formats and click through directly to the site.

Users of MSN Alerts will be able to subscribe to international and Latin American news alerts from which will be delivered directly to their desktops.

The campaign has also brought together the leaders in ad-serving technology and web-metrics – Atlas and Nielsen – to measure the number of new unique users visiting the site.

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