BBC Desi Download Pakistan Floods Special

BBC Desi Download Pakistan Floods Special

The floods in Pakistan and the response of England’s Pakistani communities is the subject of a special half hour edition of Desi Download – the pick of the week radio programme and podcast produced by the BBC Local Radio Asian Community Specialist team.

The programme reflects back on the last seven days and the stories England’s Pakistanis have been sharing with the Asian community specialists that work on thirteen BBC Local Radio stations across the country. It includes eyewitness accounts, reaction from those still searching for loved ones and the relief effort being coordinated in Mosques and community centres from Scunthorpe to Southampton. There is also reaction to President Zardari’s visit to Birmingham, including the first media interview with the shoe throwing protestor who’s actions brought the rally to a standstill.

Asian Affairs producer and Pakistan Specialist, Talat-Farooq Awan co presents this Desi Download special and he says that, " The programme puts the crisis in Pakistan from the context of British Pakistanis. It has given them a chance to express themselves on the anguish of their country men and women as they battle with the floods and it provides Pakistanis living as far apart as Humberside and Hampshire with an opportunity to hear how each community is responding to the disaster. It is all the more poignant as we enter this month of Ramadan, a very spiritual time when all Muslim’s including those of Pakistani origin will be encouraged to think of people less fortunate and give to those in desperate need".

To listen to Desi Download – The Pakistan Floods – click the following link The radio programme was first broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside on Tuesday 10th August and is free to download as a podcast for the next seven days. It is available worldwide.

This special edition programme is presented by Satnam Rana and Talat-Farooq Awan and it is produced by Ruchi Tandon

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