Asian Lads Mag Goes Online

Asian Lads Mag Goes Online

LOHFER MAGAZINE – The first of its kind "asian mens magazine" is taking its audience by storm with its sexy, sophisticated and humorous attitude.

The magazine itself is described by the younger generation of readers as an "Asian lads mag" the stars of the asian music scene call it "Desi lads mag" & the Asian working professionals call it an "Asian mens lifestyle magazine",
truth is..they are all correct.

The UK based magazine was launched on an electronic media platform last year and covers a wide range of "manly" subjects such as its ManPages featuring sex, flicks, gaming, munchies, crazy world and LOHFER’s corner-shop babes, other regular features such as celebrity interviews, cover girls, stag weekends away, sporting icons, shocking true stories, cars, male fashion and grooming are typical content keep its worldwide Asian male readership occupied for weeks.

LOHFER MAGAZINE has just recently uploaded its UK AMA & Brit Asia TV awards special supplement which for the first time its founder and editor MAX LOHFER – the famous Asian "PIMP", undertakes video interviews with the celebs, getting their reaction to the one and only Asian Mens Mag.

LOHFER MAGAZINE is sexy, sophisticated and humorous all rolled in one, available free on

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