Asian Internet networking phenomena

Forget all other social networks you know of, Apna Lounge is the way you want to interact with your friends and meet new like-minded people.

ApnaLounge is a social community site aimed at bringing people together through networking, entertainment and lifestyle news & exclusive content. The site, a first of its kind promotes the unity of all faith and backgrounds regardless of past taboos and stereotypical differences.

ApnaLounge aims to bring together people from all walks of life and unite people whilst helping raise awareness of different cultures. The website not only is a great place to interact with your like minded friends and have fun staying touch through creating your own unique profile, forums, picture uploads, blogs as well as taking part in entertaining polls and reading the latest news and gossip from the world of entertainment.

The difference about ApnaLounge is that it believes that political correctness is now dangerously and irredeemably out of all control and must be decisively be reversed to avoid an ugly backlash in which minorities are most at risk.
The unique website therefore seeks much greater freedom to choose, to think and to speak and these freedoms to triumph over political correctness concerns.
Apna Lounge believes Britain is now mature and multi-cultural enough to handle a return to much greater freedom of speech.

The phenomena of ApnaLounge doesn’t end there though, the site is committed in making a difference in how Asians are perceived and is actively determined in promoting Asians further through different avenues.

In December 2007 ApnaLounge fronted a successful campaign called ‘Asians Love Christmas.’ The aim of the campaign was to show that Asians celebrate Christmas as much as anyone else and are not offended by the Christian celebrations Britain offers during the festive season – in fact Asian’s love being part of them.

The next ventures for this innovative website is to promote Asians in Football and to promote the fact that Asian women are beautiful. Both campaigns will go on a national venture in the coming months.

For more information, to register or to find out the latest news and gossip log on to this great fun new website

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