LAJT Magazine – a new Polish weekly newspaper in UK


LAJT Magazine – a new Polish weekly newspaper in the United Kingdom

From the beginning of July Zetha Media – the biggest Polish media publisher in the United Kingdom – released a new lifestyle magazine entitled “LAJT”. The magazine focuses mainly on trends, beauty, health, parenting and celebrity gossip. “LAJT” replaced another magazine – “Panorama”, which had provided a comprehensive review of Polish articles since 2007.

Ilona Korzeniowska is the editor-in-chief of the “LAJT” magazine and of the “Polish Express” news weekly magazine. The whole editorial team moved from “Panorama” to “LAJT”.

Our free magazine is available in print version in London and in other UK towns largely inhabited by Polish minority. “LAJT” is also available online – as an e-edition or as a web portal, where you can find all the latest news, videos, photos, curiosities and tips.

“LAJT” web portal is available under the link, and the e-edition can be downloaded from