Dr Bose Honoured at the Asian Awards

London, UK: The late Dr. Amar Bose, Founder of acoustics company Bose Corporation, is to be honoured with the prestigious Founders Award at The Asian Awards to take place on 17th April 2015 in London.

Born in 1929, Dr. Amar Bose was an Indian academic who turned his hand to building one of the most respectable acoustics companies in the world, the Bose Corporation. He received his bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and PhD from MIT, all in electrical engineering. He joined the faculty in 1956 and taught until 2001, fully dedicated to his students and consistently recognised for teaching excellence.  In 1964, Dr. Bose founded Bose Corporation. Since its inception, and true to his guiding principles, the company has remained privately held with a focus on long-term research.

His inventions spanned decades and transformed categories. His original analysis for noise cancellation was created in-flight from Zurich to Boston. For the next 19 years he continued the research and development of headsets for commercial pilots and the military. In 2000, after nearly $60 million of funding, the QuietComfort® noise-cancelling headset was first introduced, revolutionising headphones globally and permanently.

He was known to say: “I would have been fired a hundred times” at a public company, citing he never went into business to make money. Instead, he would explain: “I went into business so that I could do interesting things that hadn’t been done before.”

His daughter, Maya Bose will collect the award on her late father’s behalf.

For further information on the Asian Awards: www.TheAsianAwards.com