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Morant Bay Distillery Hosts Cocktail Reception At Caribbean Travel Awards.

Morant Bay Distillery UK rum producer will be hosting the cocktail reception drinks at The Telegraph Caribbean Travel Awards to be held on June 25th in London.

The Caribbean Travel Awards is organised by the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO),
in association with the Telegraph newspaper. For their annual ball and holiday competition winners at the London Millennium Hotel, Mayfair, London.

Morant Bay are showcasing their premium Signature Spiced Edition Red Rum, that is entered
for an International Spirits Challenge 2015 award. Those attending will received a bespoke signature cocktail created for the event. The cocktail reception ties into the expansion of the Morant Bay Distillery, who have an event and catering division set up in collaboration with a Michelin experienced chef, award winning chocolatier and mixologist.

More information about the Morant Bay Distillery can be found on there site and social media via