celebrates Pushkar Mela 2008

Pushkar Fair is celebrated in Pushkar (near Ajmer), in month of November every year. Pushkar Mela/Fair is known as a huge cattle trading hub, camel race, cultural fest, folk music, dances and lots more.

Preparation for Pushkar Mela 2008 is at its peak. Pushkar fest is one of the most popular and oldest fest in India. Pushkar is a small town in Rajasthan with a great religious and cultural value. Indian people consider it a sacred place as it’s the only place in the world dedicated to Brahma.

Every year in the month of November or Kartik (according to Hindi calendar), Pushkar Fair is organized. Pushkar Fair is the grandest event in terms of cultural fest, cattle trading and several other things related to cattle. Camel Race is one of the most exclusive things about Pushkar Fair.

About Pushkar Fair
Pushkar Fair is mainly known for camels and other cattle. People from all over India come over here with their camels to sell. They even decorate, design, dress and shave their camel to attract the customers. Last year more than 50,000 camels were brought to the festival. For tourists, Camel Race is one of the main things to see here. And one must not forget the folk songs, music and rituals adding to the ambience of Pushkar fest.

More to Explore in Pushkar Fair
The entire city is molded into the color and joy of Pushkar fest. One must see places like Pushkar Lake, Savitri Temple, Varah Temple, Mahadeo Temple, Ramvaikunth Temple, Holy Ghats, and numerous other places in Pushkar city. However, the best experience is when one directly goes to the venue and sees all these with proximity.

Pushkar Mela 2008
Pushkar fair 2008 is expected to be the grandest fest ever. More tourists, locals, camels are expected to be part of the festival. Especially for tourists, this time more folk colors, music, dances, shows and many other things are added. Foreigners or local tourists, Pushkar Mela 2008 has several things for everyone. One should start preparing now as several travel operators have already opened their bookings and other services dedicatedly for Pushkar Mela.

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