Dhikala Forest Lodge- A Delightful Stay in the Enchanting Jungle of Jim Corbett National Park

Dhikala Forest Lodge- A Delightful Stay in the Enchanting Jungle of Jim Corbett National Park

Experience a stay with the Dhikala Forest Lodge that offers a stay in the huts giving a discreet jungle stay feel in the Jim Corbett National Park.

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the optimum wildlife Park where people from all round the globe come in huge numbers to experience the divine nature. Exploring some valuable time in the jungle becomes more delightful with one of the most unique forest lodges like the Dhikala Forest Lodge.

The Dhikala Forest Lodge, http://www.dhikalaforestlodge.in/ being one of the most loved and popular tourist accommodations of the Jim Corbett national park is always thronged with visitors. The Dhikala area of Corbett is termed as the finest observatory of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Elephant ride for wildlife viewing is available from Dhikala; besides a network of observation towers situated at the edge of the forest are also approachable by Jeeps.

“At Dhikala Forest Lodge you just need to surrender yourself to the nature. The lodge provides you all the facilities and amenities to add on your enchanted stay in the jungle”, said Edward, one of the recent tourist at Dhikala.

It is a spot, where the entire wildlife gets wild, where one can hear the truest tune of birds’ chirps, where you can feel the freshest aroma of nature.

“Dhikala Forest Lodge is a perfect place, where one can spill heart, mind, body and soul to the Nature”, says the owner of the lodge.

Many tour operators in India provide special wildlife tour packages to Dhikala Forest Lodge. Dhikala Forest Lodge http://www.dhikalaforestlodge.in/ also provides customized tour packages to the lodge and its vicinities.

About Dhikala Forest Lodge:

The Dhikala Forest Lodge is situated in the Jim Corbett National Park on the banks of river Ganga. Based in the core area of the Park, the lodge is famous for its watching point from where one can see large numbers of animals in their natural habitat. For other information about Dhikala Forest Lodge and its related tours visit http://www.dhikalaforestlodge.in/

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