Buddhist Monasteries- Repositories of Buddhist Wealth

Buddhist Monasteries- Repositories of Buddhist Wealth

The prince Siddhartha was born in 560 BC and later he was reformed as Lord Buddha, to put down priest craft and animal sacrifices, to save the people and disseminate the message of equality, unity and cosmic love everywhere.

While on your Buddhist Tours you can learn and explore to various teachings of Buddhism that emphasizes more on experiences rather than teaching or learning. It is fourth large religion of the world. Apart from this, numbers of beautiful Buddhists monasteries that are home as well as workplace for monks or nuns are also situated in different destinations of the Buddhist.

These monasteries are repositories of a wealth of Buddhist art and culture in the state. Decorated beautifully with cool and appreciable interiors they glow with the brilliance of painted murals, stuccos and elaborate thangka framed with rich borders of silk.

Moreover, there are varieties of buildings in the monasteries too, depending on present or historical size of the monastery expressed in the number of monks also on type of monastery and its function. These Buddhist monasteries in India are so fascinating that people from all across world visit India to have a glance of them situated in different parts like Sikkim, J&K, Bihar etc.

You can have a look at the beautiful monasteries with tour to Buddhist Destinations located in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

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