Scotland Will Play This Summer

Scotland Will Play This Summer

Scotlands First 5-A-Side Football Championship To Kick Off Summer’s Football Fever

In the lead up to this year’s highly anticipated World Cup Creative Oceanic has teamed up with the Male Cancer Awareness campaign (MCAC) to front a new football championship and to raise national awareness of cancers affecting men. Amateur teams will have the opportunity to show the world their undisputable football skills with the regional heats commencing on Saturday May 29th in Dundee and Glasgow’s regional heat the following Saturday, June 5th. Each of the heats will be taking place in their cities respective SoccerWorld indoor centre with the grand final scheduled for Glasgow on Sunday 6th of June.

The aim of the championship is to celebrate Scotland’s amateur football talent while still promoting a healthier, more active lifestyle. However, it is not all about the taking part. The regional heat winners will win a selection of goodies and prizes while the overall winners will not only be crowned the first ever Scottish 5-A-Side champions but be treated to a weekend of luxury and adventure, experiencing life as a modern sports star.

A spokesperson from Creative Oceanic has said “this championship offers people a great opportunity to really involve themselves with football this summer. While most will be sitting watching the World Cup we are telling people to get up and get involved, trying to move football from the pub to the pitch.”

So, while the Scotland team may again be relegated to watching the World Cup from the local pub with the rest of us, this gives the country’s amateur teams the opportunity to show that Scottish football is still alive and, obviously kicking, all the while raising awareness for a very important cause.

Teams can sign up at the official Championship website: or contact Fraser McGuiness on 0141 420 1333 or email

Region: All
Venue: SoccerWorld Indoor Centre – Dundee and Glasgow
Press Tickets: Available
Sponsorship: Available
Press Tickets:
Name: Kirsten Smith
Phone: 0141 420 1333