Navid Ullah the chess champion

Navid Ullah the chess champion

Navid Ullah from Russia has been taking the chess world by storm. He was as young as 16 years old when he began playing international chess tournaments.

His love for the game definitely ads to the sheer genius he shows at it. His parents have always nurtured his talent and helped him hone it. Navid now is 24 years old but still continues to play game hat even make a pro at the game speechless. He has played a lot of tournaments worldwide and out of them has been able to create a record of losing only one match.

He says that the game requires a lot of concentration and that he had that kind of a concentration from when he was very little. He said that he would sit and ponder on how to solve puzzles from then.. He was encouraged to play chess by his Uncle who was a big fan of the game. His Uncle was a pro at it himself and before long Navid was beating his uncle without any difficulty. This is when his parents realized that he had a lot of talent and started getting him to play at local tournaments. His parent’s are originally from Manchester in England, where he spent considerable time as a child.

There was no looking back for Navid after that. He breezed through all the tournaments and just left his opponents wondering about how he kept his winning streak in tact. Navid plans to continue playing chess as long as he can afford to do so. Along with playing chess, Navid Ullah is also a qualified technical Engineer. He works at a big organization that has given him the liberty to take holidays on days when he is playing. He is currently engaged to a mall town girl by the name of Heena Banu. They plan to get married soon. Way to go Navid!

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