Lebara’s IPL 4 live stream a big hit in Europe and the UK


The IPL craze is at its peak, with only a few more weeks to go for a highly charged up finish to this years’ glorious cricket season. Lebara’s live streaming of IPL matches is a big hit with audiences in Europe and the UK as demonstrated by latest figures showing high online viewership numbers for matches in the past four weeks.

Lebara, the UK’s leading international mobile services provider has tied up with distributor indiatimes.com for live streaming of all IPL matches across Europe and the UK. This is Lebara’s third year running as the official IPL broadcast sponsor in the UK, retaining its position as the first-ever telecommunications company to stream the IPL live across Europe.

The fourth season of the Indian Premier League has been a huge success so far and cricket aficionados are making sure they don’t miss a single delivery of these exciting matches. Those not watching the matches live on field are more than making up for the experience by catching all the IPL action live – online.

“At Lebara, we are proud to be associated with cricket and the IPL. We wanted to make sure that our customers and indeed all cricket-lovers could simply go online and enjoy a match in real time. This is definitely the way forward for distribution and promotion of sports content through the internet,” said Ratheesan Yoganathan, Founder & CEO – Lebara Mobile.

Manish Tiwari, Managing Director of Here&Now365, the company that facilitated the deal with Indoor Media and Lebara, said: “This sponsorship deal, which we have secured three years running for our client, showcases Lebara’s commitment to IPL and indeed sport. Our reports indicate an extremely high popularity index of South Asians tuning into the IPL live stream online across the UK and Europe.”

If you still haven’t logged online to watch an IPL match, do so now at

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