Gule Sheikh – Pakistan’s first woman body builder

Gule Sheikh - Pakistan

Gule Sheikh has been an active fitness competition for the past 6 years. Sheikh belongs to Lahore, Pakistan and has been actively taking part in fitness competitions in the USA and Canada.

Gule Sheikh was one of those kids who never participated in sports or took part in any activity. She used her spare time in getting part time jobs and hanging out with friends and hence her health hit rock bottom. At 25-30 pounds overweight and suffering from adult asthma and severe allergies she ended up in the hospital for a severe case of asthma.

At that point Sheikh, decided to change her lifestyle and stumbled upon a book on allergies which taught her that a proper diet is needed and hence she began her journey changing her lifestyle.

Today Sheikh is a personal trainer, a fitness competitor as well as a trainer for boot camps. she has inspired a lot of women especially the South Asian women who need role models like herself.

Her advise to Pakistani women and South Asian women in general is to change what they eat and to exercise regularly. She recently made it to the cover of the Miss Pakistan World magazine for the article, "My Road to fitness & health."

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