Football comes together to celebrate: ‘One Game, One Community’

Football comes together to celebrate:

Communities of all backgrounds, races and religious beliefs will come together behind the message One Game, One Community during the Kick It Out Week of Action this October.

The message will supported by the biggest names in football who will join fans, clubs, schools, community groups and more than a million people between the 17th and 30th October.

The objectives of the week are to:

• Make a stand against racism
• Deliver activities that tackle exclusion
• Celebrate the contribution made to the game by all communities.

Lord Herman Ouseley, Kick It Out Chair, today commented,

“More than a million people will join hands during the week of action under the banner, ‘One Game, One Community’.

“The period will highlight football’s popularity amongst communities across the country and celebrate the power the game has in bringing people together.

“This show of unity will illustrate how football can lead the way in tackling racism, promoting inclusion and celebrating difference.”

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