Summer Wedding Hairstyles by Asgar Saboo

Summer Wedding Hairstyles by Asgar Saboo

Dress? Borrowed. Last minute hotel reservation? Check Work email notifications? Off Hair? To be confirmed.

Wedding season is upon us and whilst the thought of a getaway to an idyllic beach sounds like the perfect escape from reality, the fact is that for most guests, taking the day off to get pampered and prep is not always an option. So for those of us rushing from work to pack a cluttered suitcase and jump on a plane, Asgar Saboo, celebrity hairstylist and style director at the Daniel Galvin salon (Mayfair) shares with us his DIY top no-fuss chic hairdos that will help you look your best with minimal effort and will leave your friends in awe.

1. The boho-beach Wedding. Asgar proposes a boho-chic half-up half-down twisted hairdo for a sweet playful look that will weather the seaside breeze and stay in place. Start by applying salt spray to your damp hair and scrounging it up to get a tousled texture. The hair guru recommends using large Velcro rollers or a hair curler to get large bouncy curls. Then center-part your hair and carefully twist one strand of hair on each side carefully securing them at the back. The twisted sides frame the face beautifully and can be adorned with flowers, for a pretty bohemian look says Asgar.

2. The rustic-belle wedding. A rustic country wedding calls for a romantic and feminine “undo”, says the hair expert. Think glamorous yet understated, says Asgar. He recommends washing your hair the day before to allow the hair to produce enough natural oils so it will not fall flat immediately. Apply a styling mousse to your damp tresses, this will make it easier to hold the curl and will give it a nice volume and texture. With the help of curling tongs, create loose waves with the top and front sections of your hair. Then divide your hair into three sections and gather the middle section into a low undone bun. Secure it with bobby pins. Take the remaining sections and loosely pin the strands into the bun creating a “loose tuck” effect. If ever there was an occasion to wear flowers in your hair, this is it, says Asgar. Adorn the undo with pretty flowers for the ultimate rustic-belle look.

3. The city-glam wedding. Sleek sophistication is the key to a glamorous city wedding. Asgar suggests going for a classical and elegant updo. He proposes the ballerina bun, timeless and feminine. This is a very easy style that works with every dress. Start by thoroughly brushing your strands and apply a serum for a smooth and tangle-free feel, says the hair maestro. Then pull your hair up in a high ponytail and proceed by grabbing the base of the ponytail and carefully wrap it around the bun and pin it down with bobby pins. Don’t hold back with the hairspray, recommends Asgar.

4. The unique-picturesque wedding. Whether it’s a castle or a vineyard, a lighthouse or the mountains, there is no need to fret. You can’t go wrong with a classical bouncy blowout says Asgar. Start by applying a volumizing anti-frizz mousse and divide your hair into four sections, then part it across the middle. Clip up the sections and then patiently work on one at a time with the help of a classic round brush and a good hairdryer. Tame the strands by directing the noozle over the bristles and brush the strands from top to bottom. It’s important to work the roots before giving the ends that nice soft curl, says Asgar. Finish by applying a hairspray to secure the hairdo.

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