Storm in a teacup? Traditional Chinese Medicine takes on the World

Are Chinese medicine’s core principles – including yin and yang – being destroyed by Western medicine? Or is the increasing popularity of complementary therapies in the West encouraging a resurgence and making Chinese medicine a global phenomenon? What really happens to traditional Chinese medicine when it makes the leap from East to West?

Two forthcoming free events at the Dana Centre in London – the Science Museum’s adults-only café-bar to discuss contemporary health, science, medicine and technology – will bring together leading Chinese medicinal practitioners and patients to examine some of the identity issues this transition involves.

East-West Medical Matters & Chinese Kitchen Medicine have been developed by the Dana Centre in consultation with members of London’s Chinese community for the London Chinese Community. They are part of the Dana Centre’s mission create events led by the audience. They will reveal how the ancient Chinese body of wisdom has adapted to London life.

Jenny Wong, Programme Developer, Science Museum’s Dana Centre said: “Chinese medicine is becoming increasingly popular in the West and there are many reports which have shown it to be effective in treating disorders such as eczema, asthma, joint pain and menstrual problems.

“These events at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre – and developed with members of London’s Chinese community – really aim to explore the issues raised in transition from East to West.”

East-West Medical Matters, Tuesday 21 November
What happens to traditional Chinese Medicine when it makes the leap from East to West? When Chinese medicine crosses from East to West, it inevitably changes and moulds itself to its new cultural surroundings.

This event will explore how this ancient body of wisdom has adapted to London life from practitioners and patients, and examine some of the identity issues this transition involves. Chinese medicine will also be considered as an holistic way of life, more than ‘medicine’ and complementary to biomedicine.

Speakers include:
• Dr. Volker Scheid FRCHM, MBAcC, Academic Director of the European Institute of Oriental Medicine (EIOM) and a practitioner of Chinese medicine in London. He will discuss the ways in which Chinese medicine has changed and adapted to new environments over time and what the future may hold for Chinese medicine in Britain.

• Massi Yaghmaie, naturopathic physician, osteopath and acupuncturist will highlight the lack of understanding of the art of Chinese medicine in the West. He’ll also discuss the mistrust between the more abstract Eastern discipline against the more mechanical Western practices.

• Dr Fei Wang will speak about his experiences of performing acupuncture in both Shanghai and London.

Chinese Kitchen Medicine, Tuesday 28 November In Chinese families the bastion of traditional wisdom – Grandma – often comes to the rescue when a family member is ill. Why does drinking lovingly-prepared soupy remedies make people feel better? What are the different herbs used and how do we know they work? This event reveals how Chinese kitchen medicine works and offers some samples of Asian wisdom.

Speakers include:
• Dr Vivienne Lo specialises in the history of Chinese medical theory and practice. She will lead a discussion on the power of everyday knowledge as opposed to that held by the medical authorities.

• Edward Eisler, founded of Jing Tea has devoted most of his life to tea and today he ranks as one of the world’s great tea-ologists and is consultant to organisations including, Harrods, Coutts Bank and Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck restaurant. He will discuss importance of tea in Chinese culture as well as the health benefits of various teas sourced from different regions of China.

• Dr Ting-Ming Li MD, MSc, PhD will discuss food and diet in relation to different illnesses like diabetes. She’ll also talk about the aims of the Institute of Chinese Medicine (research, treating patients and public education are big on the agenda) and will highlight the development of Chinese Medicine in the UK.

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Venue: Science Museum, Dana Centre
Venue Address: Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London
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Name: Lauren Gildersleve