Pro-Abortion 200 Protesters Turn Themselves Over to the Irish Police

31 July 2015, United States ( A greater than 200 protesters gathered outside of Musgrave police station in the Belfast City center, Northern Ireland. The activists were protesting against the arrest of a female who bought abortion pill online to get rid of unwanted pregnancy of her daughter. The details and names of the people who had purchased the illegal medicines for their relatives and friends from internet pharmacy were read by the group, Alliance for Choice, aloud in front of the stated police station in the evening rally.

The group said that the prosecution were upholding an archaic law, which dated back as old as 1861 and considered it horrendous to make women vulnerable over the breaking of the same. Thus, it posed a challenge for the police force in arresting the multitude of protestors who would confess of committing similar crimes. Those who buy Cytotec online or similar pregnancy ending medicines for others on non-prescribed dose are held as offenders. Such products can be only bought in Ireland, if a female’s life is threatened.

Many women buy abortion pill online across the world to carry out end of their first semester pregnancy (4 to 9 weeks of gestation). The decision as such is influenced by personal factors and those related with socio-economic conditions. Few of then are not adult yet, and persuade their friends or family members to obtain the potent drugs. The illegal prescriptions racket by doctors and people is contributing to the problem. However, pro-abortionists are in favor of such activity.

The activist are campaigning for the cause past decades saying that it is better to get rid of undesired pregnancy than carrying out the responsibility under pressure. Thus, Cytotec online sales have also increased given the belief, as more number of women are availing the product from internet pharmacies than local medical stores. The Alliance for Choice group’s activity was to bring the plight endured by female to limelight, opining that they were often scapegoats to laws.

The activist consider than every women choosing pregnancy termination should be granted so at her convenience, and allowed to buy abortion pill online without anyone’s discretion or support. Females should posses’ ample rights to her reproductive health. The protestors from the group also remarked that if they were not detained, then the charges put against the arrested woman must be foregone by Public Prosecution Service due to the fact that the case was unsuitable for public interest.

They also said that protestors would begin handing themselves over to the police in the following months by confessing to their crimes. The woman who was arrested, her trail will start in the month of September on her purchase of abortion pill online in the year of 2013, both Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These medicines are used worldwide for early pregnancy termination. Given the privacy of her daughter, the details of her name and other information are not disclosed yet in publications.
In Northern Ireland, pregnancy ending is legal only if there is a long-term risk for woman’s health unlike other parts of the United Kingdom. Emma Campbell, the vice-chair of Alliance for Choice said that signatories will begin submitting themselves in the police stations and open up about committing similar offences i.e. purchasing Cytotec online, for which the woman has been arrested and charged for. Sarah Wright from the group said that several thousands of females access this medicine from internet pharmacies every month.

The Northern Ireland police station was asked if they will arrest the signatories from the list, who buy Cytotec online. Andrea McMullan, the detective superintendent said that pregnancy termination was an emotive issue. However, the investigation will be done for each case and specific circumstances would be studied that led to the incident. It will then be confirmed if the felony was conducted and every case would then receive resultant outcome verdict.


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