Polish women using Drones to end new life

Medical abortion pills have been legal in many countries for quite a time now. However, the same is illegal in Poland. But, Dutch activist on reproductive freedom have consolidated in providing the same through drone service, without actually stepping in the Polish land. The founder and doctor of ‘Women on Waves, Rebecca Gomperts accolades this idea by saying that this technology is a turning leaf for women’s rights to her reproductive system.
Polish women can now end pregnancy, even though it is restricted their region.

The drones will allow them to overcome repercussions and fear associated with buy abortion pills, where it is illegal, by offering them Mifepristone (RU-486), bypassing the legal risks. Gomperts expresses her disappointed that Canada has not yet approved Mifepristone, which doctors consider amongst efficient abortion pills online, but awaiting a nod from Health Canada from the 2012 year.

The drones made direct delivery to females, which is partnered with Poland organizations, distributing the pills. The organization has previously, promptly provided the medicines to countries by finding loopholes in laws where the method is illegal. One of the initiatives was the performance of medical abortion on boats by 1999 founded ‘Women on Waves’ in the international waters. Gomperts wants to find how the drone technology will function in Poland.

Later, the drone service can cater to countries like Malta and Ireland etc. where ceasing pregnancy is unlawful. Though Polish females can choose abortion in life threatening and health complication instances, often there are difficulties. This step has reduced health risks in females, who had no other means, but to pay hefty amount like $3,000 for procedures, waiting for long hours, and face rejection from orthodox Catholic hospitals. Those lacking the finances are burdened by the regulations.

The World Health Organization has come with statistics that due a percentage of 43 million pregnancy termination annually, are unsafe, the death mark is close to 68, 000 even if they carried end of embryo within 43 days to 9 weeks. The concentration of these cases are seen in places where ending pregnancy medically is illegitimate. In these regions, some are not able to get abortion pills online or from pharmacies until prescribed.

Thus, females do not get adequate freedom in ceasing unnecessary pregnancy. They get desperate and try to buy abortion pills. But, the fear is still alive in their mind of breaking the state laws. The WHO suggests that females should be examined in clinic before the procedure and after in the effort to avoid health issues. But, the ‘Women in Waves’ insist that they are equipped with gynecologists, specialized doctors, nurses and counselors when carrying abortions via boat.