Patanjali Yog Peeth UK Trust celebrates 5 years of achievements in the UK

Patanjali Yog Peeth UK Trust celebrates 5 years of achievements in the UK

With the blessings of His Holiness Swami Ramdevji and His Holiness Acharya Balkrishanji, Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust is celebrating 5 years of achievement in the UK since the organisation became a Charity.

The “Patanjali Parivar Milan” will take place:

ON: Saturday 17th March 2012,

AT: Fairlop Waters, (Fairlop Marquees), Forest Road, Barkingside, Essex, IG6 3HN

TIME: 12.00 Noon till 7.00pm

This event will be another milestone in the history of PYPT (UK) Trust: Members and the organisation’s Yoga Teachers will get together to celebrate the TRUST’s enormous achievements and successes across the UK.

Swami Ramdevji and Acharya Balkrishnaji stepped out into the world armed with little else but self-belief, carrying with them the right recipe to promote health. In the process, they have created one of the world’s largest charitable organisations which centers around the ethos "Good Health is Humanity’s Birthright".

We can proudly say that since the establishment of Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust in 2006 the Trust’s achievements are phenomenal.

PYP (UK) TRUST has gone beyond expectation with the help of all our dedicated Yog teacher’s, member’s, volunteers and well wishers. PYP (UK) TRUST is undoubtedly an establishment that continues to excel at what we do best:- "promoting good health". We can proudly state that we have a big number of volunteers who play a crucial part in promoting Swamiji’s work and mission.

We have established not only a Trust within the UK, but a close family that tirelessly works for the same end goal. The manner in which the team has been presenting flawless combination of interest, dedication and spirituality
towards Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust’s objectives, cannot be expressed within the boundaries of words and expressions.

We are grateful and gracious for the continued blessings of Swami Ramdevji and Acharya Balkrishnaji. They are both living inspirations by having – “The courage to think different, the courage to discover the impossible, the
courage to combat problems….. and the courage to succeed”.

With this ethos in mind let us work in unison to make the world healthy, joyful and peaceful for us and our future generations to come.

Our many achievements include:
The Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust has trained over Yog 5000 teachers internationally. In UK alone we have over 2500 trained teachers conducting over 300 classes on a weekly basis:

Year 2006
• Swamiji & Acharyaji made their first presence in the UK with their great ambition of promoting natural health. There were four Yog Camps that took place. These Yog camps had massive response from people across UK and Government officials. Furthermore, the former Secretary of State for Health – Rt. Hon Patricia Hewitt recognised his contribution to the society.
• A PYP UK Medical Advisory Board was announced.
• Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust was registered as a Charity in the UK.

Year 2007
• Three Yog Camps were organised in UK – London, Coventry and Glasgow. with thousands of people attending them.
• Swamijii took part in a medical conference at Glasgow University organised in association with the British International Doctors Association.
• Swamiji was welcomed by Scottish Parliament and the UK House of Commons.

Year 2008
• In year 2008 Patanjali Yog Peeth UK Trust continued to promote Yoga involving communities group and local councils. Many events were conducted across UK by PYP (UK) Trust in presence of Swamiji. ‘Yoga in the Park’ in Scotland was one of the very successful series of events.
• The Trust gained its international recognition and developed the UK as the hub for International activities of the Trust.
• The Teaching syllabus for Assistant Yog Teacher Training was created by PYP (UK) Trust and was approved by Patanjali University, India.
• Assistant Yog Teacher’s level one training started in UK and Internationally.

Year 2009
• PYPT’S biggest achievement in 2009 was the acquisition of Little Cumbrae Island which has gained massive recognition. The future of this project is to create not only a Yog hall, accommodation, a naturopathy centre but a sanctuary where people can come to seek solace from the outside world and learn to live with nature. The natural beauty of Little Cumbrae Island presents an idyllic setting for one to embrace life in its simplest.
• Mr. Sarwan Poddar, International Yog Teacher spent more than 200 days during the year travelling around world and taking Training classes for AYT & free yog sessions and made more 2500 teachers across globe (UK, Africa, USA, Canada, Mauritius, China).
• A series of Yog Sessions were conducted in association with the Nepalese Community in London.
• Over 10000 free Yog Classes were conducted across UK with support of the Trust’s Yog Teachers.
• PYP (UK) Trust supported Swamiji’s fundraising appeal for the Bihar Flood Relief and raised £100,000 in just 45 days.
• Many dedicated teachers around the world, devoted to the Trust’ mission. For example: – Mrs Kantaben Kotecha been awarded for her Yog services to local community by Govt. Authorities in Gloucestershire.
• Classes been started and promoted in Mental Health Care sector in UK.
• Classes been started and promoted in Cancer Health Care sector in UK
• Many classes are running in Primary School sector by our teachers throughout UK.
• First Level 3 Training was organised for Assistant Yog Teachers by PYP (UK) Trust in Haridwar, India in the month of April 2009. Over 1600 Yog teachers were trained as level three teachers.
• On 14 November 2009, (World Diabetes Day) 100,000 free Diabetes awareness session were conducted across the Globe in association with International Diabetes Federation, Patanjali Yog Peeth Trust, India. Again initiated by Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust.

Year 2010
• PYP (UK) Trust’s main achievement in 2010 was the introduction of Yog practices into local schools. We worked with the Local Education Department to run Yog classes in schools and also trained school teachers who now take regular classes at their schools.
• We have received extremely positive feedback from the schools and their pupils. Our aim is to make Yog as a part of the curriculum in schools worldwide. We are in process of producing a Yog syllabus for pupils which will be available soon.
• PYP (UK) Trust gained high exposure when the BBC highlighted our work with today’s youth. Coverage included a news item on Breakfast News, BBC World News and Children’s Programme & News Round.
• PYPT (UK) was recognized as leading global Trust with presence already in UK, Canada, South Africa, Mauritius, China, Dubai & Europe with approx 6000 new members.
• We formed over 30 local Yog Teacher’s committees in the UK including a group for the Nepalese community.

Year 2011
• The massive success of Assistant Yog Teacher’s training session held in 2011. Mr Sarwan Poddar along with our National Yog Teachers Coordinator Mr Darshanlal Sohal and other committee leaders conducted 16 AYT Sessions in UK and 4 AYT Sessions in Europe and trained over 600 Yog Teachers.
• We trained over 500 Yog Teachers in UK and over 100 Yog Teachers in Germany, Norway & Austria.
• We conducted over 300 free Yog classes weekly across UK with the support of our Yog and Assistant Yog Teachers which were effectively managed through our 30 established committee groups throughout the UK.
• This year Little Cumbrae Island, Scotland was opened as a Training centre in August where two Assistant Yog Teachers Training Session, were conducted in August 2011.
• Inauguration of the Revised version of Patanjali Part 1 book at the First International Conference in Haridwar in Jan 2011.
• In Feb 2011 Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust launched an online website for the campaign against corruption for the True Independence of India where more than 25000 signatures were collected.
• On 4th June 2011 Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust and their International team for Bharat Swabhiman Overseas organized this movement internationally in Countries like USA, Canada, Africa, Mauritius with various other cities throughout Europe taking part. In the UK, a Satyagraha was organized in 30 different cities in which thousands of NRI’s took active
part in support of the campaign against corruption. In UK, Patanjali Yog Peeth UK Trust and help of UK Bharat Swabhiman team organized two large processions, one in London and one in Glasgow in support of Swamiji’s mission ‘Bharat Swabhiman’.
• On Sunday 19th June 2011 Peaceful Rallies were organized by the Trust for ‘Action against Corruption’ in support of Swami Ramdevji, in front of the Houses of Parliament on the Old Palace Yard In London. More than 500 people including councillors, local residents, tourists and members from over 200 Indian organizations based in UK took part.
• On 1st July 2011 the Action Against Corruption team along with PYP (UK) Trust organized a peaceful protest opposite High Commission of India, London to show their support to Swami Ramdevji, Anna Hazare and anyone fighting against corruption.
• Mr Sarwan Poddar had conducted free Yoga Session for school children at Wellington International School in Dubai in June 2011.
• In 2011 we have continued to work with Local Education Department to run yog classes in schools.
• Launch of free Yoga Class in London’s busy Hyde Park Bandstand on Sunday, 24th July 2011 from 2:00 pm-4:00 pm led by the Patanjali Yog Peeth UK Trust, and thereafter free weekly Yoga classes conducted by Yog teachers to promote health and wellbeing making Yoga and Pranayam assessable to everyone in a comfortable atmosphere.
• There were many Diabetes & Obesity Sessions & cancer awareness sessions conducted by Mr Sarwan Poddar and other Teachers’. Besides taking Yoga classes, our Yoga teachers have exceptionally helped in promoting Yog, Pranayam and Ayurveda.
• On 11 July a Cancer Awareness Workshop was held in Durning Hall, Forest Gate. Over 150 people of all age attended the workshop. Dr. Kapur with her group did a demonstration of yog which was very much appreciated.
• Mr Krishan kumar Gupta became the only person to teach Yoga in Maximum Security Prison in Isle of Wight. There he teaches Yoga for 1-Hour to the Prison Officers and 1-hour to the prisoners every Monday. He has also started classes in Buenos Aires in Argentina and has trained teachers there as well.
• Prabhu Shah and his team with twelve volunteer Yog teachers conducted Free Yog classes for the cardiac patients at Hillingdon Hospital at West London which helped them to get better. The Hospital Rehabilitation Unit has now recommended the Cardiac patients to regularly attend the Yog Class.
• Naginbhai Prajapati conducted Yog Classes at the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire for staff, including Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons and other employees. In addition, Coventry Yog Group celebrated Interfaith Week by organizing an Interfaith Yoga Event attended by over 200 people of different religions and cultures.
• Obesity Camp was conducted by Swarn, Satvinder and Nirmala at Hounslow, London from 10th Oct to 16th Oct 2011 where more than 300 people attended the Sessions.

These are just the few examples of how PYP (UK) TRUST has gone beyond expectation with the help of all dedicated Yog teacher’s, members, volunteers and well wishers. PYP (UK) TRUST is undoubtedly an establishment that continues to excel at what we do best: promoting good health through Yoga.

~ Sanjay Jagatia
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