Nottingham hosts successful Yoga event with World renowned Swami Ramdevji

Nottingham hosts successful Yoga event with World renowned Swami Ramdevji

Nottingham, UK: Saturday 9th August 2008
His Holiness Swami Ramdevji received a very warm welcome at the Civic reception in the City of Nottingham more popularly known throughout the world as ‘Robin Hood County’

Swami Ramdevji was welcomed by the Deputy Lord Mayor Rob Lee, The Deputy Lord Lieutenant Tim Richmond, Chairman of the Hindu Temple Brij Phakey and Chairman of the Sikh Gurudwara Jaswinder Singh Bassi. His Holiness signed the guest book at the Council House after writing a universal peace Mantra.

The Deputy Lord Mayor welcomed His Holiness and acknowledged his extraordinary attitude and success in spreading the message of yoga and natural way of living. He commented “His Holiness Swami Ramdevji is not only concerned about what makes each of us happier and more content, but also reminds us to care for our body. I have been amazed by the value that people hold for him, his wisdom, his humbleness and his simple way of life. The practise of yoga at the various classes in Nottingham is already bringing people from different communities together.”

The Deputy Lord Mayor then made the presentation of a memento of the City of Nottingham’s appreciation for Swamiji’s visit.

Brij Phakey Chairman of the Hindu Temple in Nottingham said, “This is the 60th anniversary of the Great British institution the National Health Service and your Holiness’s visit is aptly timed to raise health awareness. Research and innumerable case studies conducted by Swamiji’s charity Patanjali Yog Peeth Trust has clearly indicated that a disciplined breathing regime together with bodily postures and a simple lifestyle aid to prevent and even cure a very wide range of physical and metal ailments”.

Brij Phakey continued “there is mounting evidence of the benefits of the most ancient Vedic Yog sciences and if it helps in anyway to reduce the NHS financial burden then tackling such a mammoth challenge would be worthy of an esteemed honour as well as deserving recognition from the academic fraternity. We welcome His Holiness as a visionary who sees health as the fundamental basis of existence before one can aspire to the higher states of consciousness as promulgated by Maharishi Patanjali over 3000years ago. May Swamiji’s vision of one world be fulfilled.”

Jaswinder Singh Bassi Chairman of the Sikh Gurudwara in Nottingham then gave his heartfelt thanks to all those who participated “we are grateful to Patanjali Yog Peeth Trust UK, all Nottingham Community Organisations and of course the people of Nottingham, who have helped plan and stage an event such as this and helped in making Swamiji’s visit a great success”.

Swamiji was asked at the reception his thoughts on the subject of threat to the purity of the Ganges. Swamiji replied that it was first necessary for the Government officials to be transparent and then for all the political and religious leaders need to make a stand on a common platform. Swamiji, however, expressed hope in finding a resolution to this serious problem.

Following the civic reception His Holiness was taken to the Harvey Hadden Complex where he demonstrated Yog techniques with utmost simplicity and clarity before a
Large audience comprising a multi faith community. Free Medical Health Checks for

Diabetes, heart problems, diet and cholesterol had been carried out by UK doctors on over 400 devotees before Swamiji’s arrival. A lot of Bio data was compiled for case studies to show the positive benefits Yoga would have on those who put the techniques into practice.

Mrs Jai Verma one of the local organisers welcomed His Holiness and said “the teachings of Patanjali Yog have been part of Indian culture and heritage for over 5000 years. The Science of Yog originated from Vedic teachings and this is the tradition that is taught by Yashashvi Yog Rishi Swami Ramdevji. Yog is an ancient form of exercise which combines the mind, body and soul, and enables us to achieve balance, energy, and Samadhi. The original texts for Patanjali Yog are written in Sanskrit, and in the past only those learned in the Sanskriti language could benefit from its techniques. In present times, Swami Ramdevji has simplified the science of Yog Aasans and Pranayam for the masses. He believes that it is the birth right of everyone to be healthy, happy and peaceful through Yog practice and self-realisation”.

Dilip Desai thanked everyone for the hard work including all the volunteers from the various communities and in particular Darshanlal Sohal, Bhavesh Jani and Mrs Sudershan Mohindra who helped organize every detail of the programme. Sanjay Jagatia and Muna Chauhan of Patanjali Yog Peeth Trust UK were also thanked for their guidance, patience and above all their invaluable encouragement in helping the local Nottingham committee with the planning of the event. Dilip Desai said “we are honoured that Swamiji has come to Nottingham to share his vision with us. His mission and message for the world is healthy living and long life can be achieved through Yog and Pranayam. Today’s event marks a privileged opportunity for the people of Nottingham to experience Swamiji’s presence and teachings and on behalf of the People of Nottingham we would like to make a heartfelt plea to Swamiji to return again next year – but this time for a full 6-day shiver”.

Sunita Poddar Trustee of Patanjali Yog Peeth Trust UK concluded the day’s event by thanking the Nottingham committee for a well organised event “this was Swami Ramdevji’s first ever visit to Nottingham and the event held to promote Health, Prosperity and Peace was a unanimous success. Furthermore the multi-cultural approach by Nottingham with people and organisations from different faiths working together was truly inspiring” she said.

Sunita Poddar also highlighted the need to raise the profile of Yog throughout the UK and announced that Nottingham will be staging a 3-Day Assistant Yog Teacher Training Class in the next couple of months and set a challenge for Nottingham to have maximum number of people attending the training.

Swami Ramdevji was presented with a plaque from the Indian Community and Citizens of Nottingham. The event was concluded as Swamiji personally blessed many devotees whilst he was leaving. Prashad of fruit and pure water was given to all those who attended and a healthy life style was the clear message of the day.

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