NHS Choices partners Pride magazine to produce exciting summer roadshow

NHS Choices partners Pride magazine to produce exciting summer roadshow

The Lambeth Country Show is the first in a series of 3 events in which NHS Choices is working in conjunction with Pride magazine, to bring awareness about healthy living to local communities, and in particular the Afro-Caribbean community.

National NHS online service joins up with Pride magazine to bring healthy make-overs to summer festivals

Pride magazine, the popular magazine for Afro Caribbean women, is partnering with the national NHS online service, NHS Choices, for a summer roadshow calling at community carnivals in London, Birmingham and Leicester.

The partnership aims to highlight the long-standing relationship between the NHS and Afro-Caribbean community, and to raise awareness of prominent health issues within this community, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and sickle cell.

NHS Choices, www.nhs.uk, is the most popular health website in the UK and was set up two years ago to provide good quality, safe and comprehensive health information for the public. It is vitally important that groups, who we know are less likely to visit their GPs for advice, including the Afro-Caribbean community and young men, can rely on websites such as NHS Choices.

Among the attractions will be cutting edge age progression technology which allows visitors to age a picture of their face up to the age of 72 years old whilst taking factors such as obesity, sun or smoking damage into account. Free beauty make-overs, and the ability to become the face of Pride magazine will be offered throughout the day along with a competition to win a Wii Fit games console.

Healthy make-overs, and one to one consultations will aim to provide a visual, interactive experience alongside delivering relevant health information. There will be full access to the website, www.nhs.uk, with direct links to specific black health information contained within it. Practical health and lifestyle tips will be offered through the promotion of interactive health tools which tackle general subjects from healthy eating to smoking cessation.

NHS Choices has proved to be a successful website for communicating health information. Already the most popular health website in Europe with more than 7m visits a month, early signs are that it is making good progress in reversing the ‘digital divide’.

The Oxford Internet Survey 2009 found that twice as many people from higher than lower socio-economic groups use the internet. But not on NHS Choices. Its accessible tools and video, and ‘decoding’ of medical language, is bridging the gap. The Ipsos Mori study found that more than 50% of NHS Choices users are white collar (34% C1 users, 21% C2, and 30% from AB). This is a reversal of general internet trends and is helping to narrow health inequalities.

CJ Cushnie, publisher of Pride magazine says:
“Going on the road together is a great idea as it shows that the NHS really cares about meeting the needs of specific, sometimes marginalised members of the community. It’s brilliant that they are prepared to engage with these groups by using a fresh, creative approach, stressing the link between your personal health and well-being in an innovative way.”

Health Minister Mike O’Brien said:

“In the past, the NHS hasn’t always been the best at communicating with people in a way that appears relevant and informative at the same time. Partnerships with people and groups that can help, such as with Pride magazine, is an excellent way of us doing this, and demonstrating how the NHS can improve people’s health in a positive and preventative way. “

Further information

The NHS Choices and Pride magazine roadshow will be appearing at the Lambeth Country Fair on 18/19 August, at the Leicester Caribbean Carnival on 1 August, and Birmingham Caribbean Carnival on 2 August. More dates are likely to be confirmed shortly.

NHS Choices at www.nhs.uk is the most popular online source of health information in the UK, attracting between more than 7m visits a month. The website has the most comprehensive A-Z of health conditions available, advice on healthy living, guides to local health services, and a daily analysis of the science behind the medical headlines.

For further information about these events, please contact Krystle Downie on 0207 972 5675

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Start Date: 18/07/2009
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Start Time: 11am
Venue: Lambeth Country Show
Venue Address: Brockwell Park
Website: http://www.nhs.uk
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Phone: 020 7972 5675