Eid Al Adha Grand Bazaar at London’s Central Mosque

Eid Al Adha Grand Bazaar at London

Emdad Rahman

Amongst an atmosphere of much joy and happiness, the capital’s vibrant Muslim Community celebrated Eid Al -Adha at London’s Central Mosque.

The event was a follow up to the previous and hugely successful Eid Al Fitr celebrations of October 2007, an event attended by thousands of participants. The success inspired the organisers to build on that progress, thus leading to a two day Eid celebration.The event was organized by the Community Care Management – CCM, described by it’s Director Jamal El-Turk as a “British agency for Exhibitions, Seminars and Conferences”.

The CCM was established in March 2006 and has run more than fifteen bazaars and exhibitions in London and its surroundings.Mr El-Turk said that he had “a vision to bring all organisations, Muslim and mainstream establishments under one roof to provide a bridge between different communities.”I believe that we are offering a unique service to the community. In our events you can find diversity, be it amongst the participants or companies, from businesses selling properties and Islamic mortgages to smaller companies selling hijabs, Islamic books, CDs and videos.

“This is besides the children sector that includes a corner for Henna paintings, bouncy castles and children’s toys. CCM aims for its events to bring happiness for all and to cater for the needs of the Muslim family living in the west”.

The main sponsor for The Eid Ul-Adha 2007 Celebration was Islamic Relief, the biggestIslamic charitable organisation in Europe. The event attracted many businesses and organisations working for the welfare of the Muslim Community in the UK. The popular event was attended by famous Muslim British Munshids (singers) like Asif Chaudry and the well known British Singer Khaleel Mohammad. It also included an Exhibition for paintings and Arabic Calligraphy which was presented by Basim Mehdi, who has participated in many Exhibitions around the world.

In a previous event CCM managed to arrange for the appearance of the international Calligrapher Mohammad Abu Mustafa whose paintings are on many galleries around the world including royal palaces in Oman and in the Arab world.Community Care Management’s next event will be once again in London Central Mosque on 8th & 9th March 2008 and its theme will be Islamic Banking and property investments.www.grandexhibition.co.uk

Jamal El-Turk can be contacted on jamalturk@gmail.com

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