Author of "Your Health is your wealth", Jacqueline Harvey at "You’re Beautiful, Woman".

Author of "Your Health is your wealth", Jacqueline Harvey at "You

Jacqueline Harvey, renowned fitness expert and author will be at "You’re Beautiful, Woman"! on the 9th August signing copies of her book. A copy will be given away in the special prize draw for one lucky winner!

Recently a seriously ill man who won £19m on the lottery said he would give it all back if he could be healthy again. He is a stark example of how wealth may appear to be what so many people crave for but in reality it can’t improve your health or your happiness. As the author of a new book “Your Health is Your Wealth” Jacqueline Harvey puts it:

“Our ‘abundant’ lifestyle has not created happier or more mentally balanced people, in face the reverse is on the rise; we are becoming unhealthy due to our wealth. By choosing to prioritize the body, you choose to rekindle an ancient bond, deep within you, that ultimately allows for greater overall health.”

Personal trainer to many people including TV & Radio celebrities, who are by their very nature wealthy, Jacqueline insists that “real” health comes only is we look at the whole picture of our bodies and minds. She has developed a unique lifestyle system that not only looks at the physical body and what shape it’s in but also the mental and emotional state of the individual. Your Health is Your Wealth is a programme that positively shouts the message from the rooftops that health is not nutrition, exercise or mental health as single entities but must be applied or used as a complete package.

In this simple and straightforward 3 step lifestyle plan Jacqueline provides you with all the tools that will help you become fit, healthy and more energised on all levels. Here she gives you practical advice and lays out the tried and tested techniques that have worked for her and her clients for over 15 years.

Your Health is Your Wealth puts you back in the driving seat and on the road to long lasting health. It explodes the myth that wealth will make you happy and gives us the opportunity to take responsibility for how our bodies work and provides a more integrated and holistic health programme for our lives.
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