A journey of discovery for Charles Carter Hair

A journey of discovery for Charles Carter Hair

Boutique Hair Salon Charles Carter Hair prides itself on complete luxury and relaxation. With experts in hair repair systems and moisturising treatments your hair will continue looking refreshed even after you’ve left.

With its South West London location and prime interior decoration life at Charles Carter Hair hasn’t always been easy.

When Angela Gordon, salon manager of the then named London Hair Gallery showed up for work one morning she found the salon locks changed and the windows smeared with Windolene. The previous owner had emigrated to Australia failed to tell her staff that she would be closing the salon. Rather than panic or feel defeated with shock, Angela contacted the landlord to allow her access into the salon. Upon entering the salon it was clear that there was a lot of work to be done, most of the furniture had been taken along with stock items. Angela Gordon had to negotiate with the landlord to stay on the premises until a clear strategy was developed. With the help of Angela Gordon’s daughter, Nathalie; Charles Carter Hair was born. Securing funding from the bank along with funding from a Youth Enterprise Scheme called the GLE the salon was given a complete makeover. This really was an arduous yet successful journey of discovery for the founders of this truly unique hair salon.

Charles Carter Hair is a premium hair & beauty salon located in South West London. With a growing clientele and top quality service it is no wonder that it is gaining critical acclaim for its creativity and ingenuity through hair styling and design. Clients travel from across the UK and even Europe to experience the superior quality of this boutique salon which despite growing out of adversity is claiming its place as one of the top salons in the UK.
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