Your favourite Iftari at pocket friendly prices this Ramadan at an Asda near you

Your favourite Iftari at pocket friendly prices this Ramadan at an Asda near you

With the annual holy month of fasting, sacrifice and worship a few weeks away, for most of you, shopping for Ramadan is all you are going to think about. As well as a time of reflection and rejuvenation for Muslims around the world, this summer will see many planning what they will be buying and stocking up on.

This year Asda is sharing a range of food products and goods to make shopping for Ramadan simple and easy. Offering customers a selection of choice and variety to their Ramadan shopping there is something for everyone in the family. KTC Vermicelli, Shazan Samosas, Royal Rassomalai or simply a giant watermelon, no stones have been left unturned for your Ramadan essentials at pocket friendly prices.

With a choice of Laila Atta 10kg, Shahi Basmati Rice 5kg or KTC Sunflower Oil 5lit at 2 for £8, or 20 varieties of TRS 500g pulses available to buy at £1, across 150 Asda stores, Asda has packed a treat for you this Ramadan.

Helen Yates, Customer Planning Manager for Asda Ethnic Ranges said: "’Asda want to help shoppers plan for Ramadan by giving them all the brands and products that they want at the best prices, so that they have the convenience of buying everything under one roof.”

Asda has consistently been growing its food range year on year with an unrivalled selection of products relevant for the South Asian community in the UK. The high street supermarket has once again reaffirmed its commitment to its customers by announcing some positive changes to its existing South Asian range providing its customers with authentic quality ingredients at unbeatable prices.

Like thousands of other shoppers, Mrs. Fozia Anwar, a social worker from London, is already planning to stock up on food for Ramadan: "We tend not to eat out much during fasting and so we cook our meals at home, every day," explained Mrs. Anwar, who said she took advantage of promotions at the Asda Leyton Mills. "That’s why you will see so many families out shopping before Ramadan, preparing to fill up their refrigerators and cupboards.”
Mrs Anwar continues: "There are so many dishes I never have time to make during the year but I like to make them in Ramadan. I make a lot of desserts and sweets as well, like Gajar ka Halwa and Kheer. All this requires a lot of shopping." The shoppers set to lay siege to supermarket food aisles over the coming weeks would agree with her.
So, for your next big shop head to your nearest Asda for an expansive range of products and some great offers this Ramadan.

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