Tropical Sun Shines In African Kitchen

Tropical Sun Shines In African Kitchen

Tropical Sun Foods and ‘Meet the Adebanjos’ Star Team Up to Promote
Healthy African Cooking

When it comes to African cooking, leading African food specialist, Tropical Sun, values the importance of health and nutrition just as much as it does quality and authenticity of produce. The brand is so serious, that it’s (literally) putting its pounded yam where its mouth is by teaming up with Meet the Adebanjos star, Yetunde Oduwole to advocate healthy African cooking in a new TVcampaign called, Tropical Sun’s African Kitchen, to be aired across a number of TV channels this December.

There’s no denying that African cuisine is delicious, but sometimes the way it’s cooked can be perceived as unhealthy. Within the West African community in the UK, an increasing number of people are affected by chronic health conditions including diabetes, obesity, prostate cancer and hypertension. The ‘African Kitchen’ TVcampaign, sponsored by Tropical Sun, specialist ingredients brandsAfrica’s Finest and African Sun, is hosted by YetundeOduwole (Gladys of award-winning sitcom comedy, Meet the Adebanjos) and features threeAfrican-food lovers demonstrating the simplicity of cooking homemade, mouth-watering dishesincluding Peanut Soup, Egusi Soup with Pounded Yam and Jollof Rice with Plantain.

Yetunde said of the campaign: “I’m honoured to be part this community-wide project. As an actor, and having recently become a mother myself, what I eat and provide for my family is more important now than ever. African dishes generally consist of a lot of carbohydrates and lots of oil, and so if we can make the smallest modifications to the way we cook and eat, it can radically improve our health, so that we not only look and feel better, but continue to enjoy great tasting food.”

Yetunde and guests will be cooking using the finest ingredients, including Tropical Sun’s no added sugar Peanut Butter, Africa’s Finest Dried Bitter Leaves and Ground Egusi. You can visit the Youtube channel (tropicalsunfoods) and also Yetunde and guests on Sky including BEN TV and Vox Africa in December.

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