The World Food Range just got bigger and better at Asda

The World Food Range just got bigger and better at Asda

Asda is increasing its World Food Range this month by introducing 450 new products, tailoring to the diverse and multicultural groups living in Britain. There are eight ranges, which cater to different ethnic groups: Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, South Asian, Sri Lanka, Caribbean, African and Mediterranean.

To meet the demands of the ever-evolving demographics and after conducting in depth research, talking to all the customer groups, Asda will be introducing 100 new lines of Polish products across selected Asda stores. These will include Polish brands such as Dobre and Kamis, with products such as pickles, soups and confectionery.

Helen Yates, Customer Planning Manager for Asda Ethnic Ranges said: “”We want customers to be able to do their whole shop at Asda. We have spent time talking to lots of customers and understanding what ethnic brands and products are key to their everyday cooking and have introduced these into the ranges, so that they can pick these up when they do their other shopping and have the convenience of buying everything under one roof.”
A regular shopper at the Asda store in West Bridgford, Pola Domińczyk said: "It’s good to hear that Asda are introducing more Polish products as I really don’t have the time to shop around to pick different things at different stores. It’s also lovely to see more and more products that I have grown up buying when living in Poland now available at my local Asda.”

With the growing needs of the Polish community in the UK, Asda are adding an array of products to the daily repertoire of dishes for the Polish customer. With varieties of price value products from Dobre Pickles at 2 for £1.50 to Costa Drink at 2 for £2, there is something for everyone in the family.

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