The Oriental’s Chinese New Year party at The Mailbox

The Oriental

The Oriental restaurant wishes Birmingham businesses good fortune as it celebrates the Year of the Ox, with a VIP party at The Mailbox

Next Monday, the 26th January, is Chinese New Year, the first day of the Year of The Ox.

“The year of the Ox is one in which success will escape without a sustained, mindful effort. The sort of problems that are encountered in the year of the Ox tend to be home front problems that seem to be never ending. The Ox year needs discipline and it is not the time for unruly behaviour or taking short cuts. In this year, success will be achieved solely through hard work.”

This sums up perfectly what has been happening to the UK economy over the past year.

The Ox is symbolic of prosperity that is achieved through hard work and it is a perfect reminder that Birmingham businesses need to pull together and work hard to escape economic hardship.

The Oriental Bar and Restaurant (Wharfside at The Mailbox) will be holding a Chinese New Year party to herald a turnaround in Birmingham’s economic fortunes. We hope the Ox will drag the City out of the recession, but we all need to work hard and work together to do it.

VIPs, press and celebrities have been invited to the VIP party to enjoy drinks, dim sum and dragon dancers.

Chinese New Year Dragons are depicted as big and powerful, representing the forces of nature. It is symbolic to ‘dot the dragon’s eyes’ to bring it alive. The significance of the dragons is quite relevant to the New Year celebrations as they usher in wealth. The dance signifies the end of the year and welcoming a new start, driving away evil spirits, bringing good luck and fortune to the people.

Something we think all Brummies are wishing for!

Region: All
Start Date: 26/01/2009
End Date: 26/01/2009
Start Time: 17:30 to 21:00
Venue: The Oriental restaurant
Venue Address: The Mailbox
Celebs Attending: Broadcaster Arti Halai
Press Tickets: Available
Sponsorship: Available
Press Tickets:
Name: Anita Champaneri
Phone: 07957 227 992