Rubicon puts a fizz into Pomegranate juice drinks!

Rubicon puts a fizz into Pomegranate juice drinks!

Sometimes you just want a delicious, refreshing sparkling drink, don’t you? Something to quench your thirst and get your juices flowing? Maybe something with real fruit and added health benefits…Well here is your sparkling Shangri-la!

Exotic juice experts Rubicon have created the UK’s first ever Sparkling Pomegranate Juice Drink. Crisp, vibrant and deliciously rich, Rubicon Sparkling Pomegranate Juice Drink is a totally tasty treat!

Pomegranates are hotly touted as the new ‘wonderfruit’ and are the only juice drinks to be seen with this season! Packed full of heart-friendly health benefits, pomegranates are proven to reduce blood pressure, break down fatty deposits in the arteries and slow down the spread of prostate cancer. Rubicon Pomegranate Sparkling Juice Drink has the added benefit of polyphenols, a very powerful natural antioxidant with anti-inflammatory effects that may help reduce degenerative diseases. Each can contains the same level of polyphenols as half a cup of green tea.Now there’s something you don’t get in every fizzy drink!

Tempting, tasty and totally terrific, Rubicon Sparkling Pomegranate Juice Drink will be available in 330ml cans from September, RRP 45p. It joins Rubicon’s original Pomegranate juice drinks which are available in 1litre family cartons (RRP £1.29) and the lunch-box friendly 288ml carton (RRP 43p).

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